New Twist on Wedding Gown Shopping

by Christine Sracic

Photo by Rebecca White.

Traditional brides, this might seem a little too far-fetched for you. But all you unconventional brides, listen up. This could be right up your alley. So you want the expensive designer gown (who doesn’t?) but you don’t want the expensive designer price. Smart Bride Boutique has the right idea. Now you can purchase bridal gowns from recent brides for a fraction of the original cost. Yep, even those expensive designer gowns are drastically less expensive. Yes, the idea may stray a little far from tradition, but honestly, what does tradition have on a beautiful Vera Wang? Shop a selection of gowns on their web site, submitted by recent brides, and if you find The One, you can set up a meeting time with the selling bride to check out the dress in person. Sounds like a pretty smart idea to us.

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