Gift Idea: Nothing Like It Cookies

by Kristin Hull

Mateo Martinez: Brick Street Photography

Got cookies? Well, I do. And they’re delicious. When they arrived fresh from the Dallas-based company, Nothing Like It, my co-workers immediately swarmed my desk. I made $30. Ok, not really but I probably could have because they were so yummy. The treats arrived in the most adorable packaging with a note telling the story of how the company began. You see, when Sara Berman Popek was in the hospital on bed rest for 60 days while pregnant with twins, her mom, Lyn Berman, began making cookies for the doctors and nurses that were taking such good care of her daughter. Soon, just about every hospital employee was stopping by to see if they could snag one. Once the boys were born, Sara and Lyn were busy with their new family members but five years later they decided to officially start their own cookie business. And so, Nothing Like It was born. 

Thank your bridesmaids or shower hostess by sending them some “old fashioned cookies with a twist.” Or have the sweet treats waiting in the hotel rooms when your out-of-town wedding guests arrive. And if cookies aren’t your thing Nothing Like It also offers pound cakes, strawberry or chocolate cakes or banana bread. Orders can be placed in mixed batches or full dozens and are generally shipped within 24 to 48 hours to anywhere in the United States. Gift baskets are also available. Now all you need is some milk.