Tea Time: Why Didn’t We Think of This Before?

by Kristin Hull

Mateo Martinez: Brick Street Photography

dallas wedding, dallas bridal, bridal dallas, wedding in dallas, adolphus, eden cafe, dallas arboretum, dallas tea service, dallas high teaNot many people enjoy going for tea service more than me. Well, maybe Raya. That’s why she and I started reviewing tea services in the Dallas area a while back and posting our reviews on D’s food blog, SideDish. (We have since gotten extremely busy an have had to take a hiatus but we plan on getting back into it very soon.) So it suddenly hit me last night that I should tell BridalBuzz readers about said tea services so they can consider them for bridal luncheons and showers! Duh. We’ve reviewed three so far: The Adolphus, The Dallas Arboretum and Eden Café. All were fantastic for different reasons; it just depends on your wants and needs. So check them out and treat your family and friends to a unique experience that they will rave about for years to come.