Engaged: Perla Fainstein and Rodney Caston

by Kristin Hull

Photo by Absolute Photography.

Perla Fainstein never expected to find the love of her life when she logged on to Match.com one December afternoon, but a message from Rodney Caston, a tall, handsome LSU grad, caught her eye. The subject line read, “From Pirouettes to Packets,” which alluded to her career change from classical ballerina to information security technician. After exchanging brain teasers and discussing favorite restaurants online, they finally decided to meet for a drink at Times Ten Cellars. Perla described the date as the “best of her life.” Both were instantly smitten. Rodney was drawn to Perla’s beauty and grace; she was intrigued by his intelligence, humor, and stunning blue eyes.

After a whirlwind seven-month romance, Rodney knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Perla. He decided to pop the question while they picnicked at the Dallas Arboretum – in the exact same spot they had visited during their first few weeks of dating. After enjoying some wine and food, Rodney got down on one knee and asked Perla to marry him. Completely shocked by the proposal, she stood speechless for “what seemed like a small eternity,” and finally, said, “yes, of course!” The happy couple will be married on April 21, 2012. – Mary Catherine Burford