Have a Unique Rehearsal Dinner or Bachelorette Party at iPic Theaters

by Kristin Hull

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The interior of the swanky iPic theaters.

If you’re looking for a rehearsal dinner or low-key bachelorette party venue that your guests will be talking about for years to come you absolutely must check out the iPic theater in Fairview. (Don’t freak out. It’s really not that far. Just a straight shot up central to the Stacy Road exit.) This is nothing like any movie theater you’ve been to before – no sticky floors, no filthy, uncomfortable seats and no crying babies or obnoxious teenagers. Think hip, swanky bar combined with a theater that has cushy recliners for seats, blankets and pillows (that are washed after every showing – I asked) and gourmet food. The bar area is nice enough to just go to without even seeing a movie. Its loungy feel makes it a great place to just grab a drink (from the full bar) and relax or play a game of pool. And the service is impeccable. You’ll feel as if you’re at a five-star restaurant. For group events, iPic is willing to work with you: “We can put together packages catered to the theme/type of event and the chef can even come up with a catered menu. Want hot dogs and nachos for a baseball-themed party? No problem. The bartender can even concoct your very own cocktail(s).” After drinks and toasts in the bar area, guests will move to one of the theaters to settle in for food and more drinks (both served right at their seats) as they watch the movie in comfort and style. For more information or to book your party email [email protected] or call 972-549-4204.