Wedding Day Flower Options For Mom and Grandma

by Kristin Hull | March 7, 2012

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Branching Out Floral and Event Design’s silver brooch cone holder with freesia.

Thanks to Debby Jewesson, owner of Branching Out Floral and Event Design, for answering this week’s question:

What are some current options for flowers to honor the mothers and grandmothers?

Long gone are the days of giant wrist pieces and lapel corsages. Mothers and grandmothers want smaller and more contemporary floral accessories to complement their wedding day attire. Asking their preference is always nice, and showing interest in utilizing their favorite bloom will make their day. Here are a few updated ideas you can share with them:

The more traditional and most popular option is still the corsage, either on the wrist or lapel. Both can be created with a mix of floral from your wedding palette, but for a modern twist, a single large bloom, such as a cymbidium orchid, can be very stylish. There are also some really fun wristlet band options available now: pearl, diamond and even colored rhinestones for the glam momma! Whatever you choose, have your florist hide the green floral tape with a wrap of satin ribbon for an elegant finish.

The petite cone brooch is the perfect solution for traditional gals who want something very small and lightweight. This piece, typically silver in color, has just enough space for a few sturdy stems. Try freesia or spray roses for the classic bride or baby’s breath for a wedding in the country. Added bonus: it also serves as a keepsake from the big day!

Carrying flowers has become quite trendy for moms and grandmas over the past decade. Typically, a single sturdy stem tied with a simple ribbon (think rose or mini calla) or a small gathering of flowers is all that’s needed. Most floral designers refer to this small bundle of flowers as a “nosegay” or “tussie mussie,” referring to tiny floral bundles held under nose when walking through the smelly streets of 19th century London. Sweeter to smell roses than the nasty sewage! With this little bit of trivia under your garter belt, you’ll have bragging rights over your other engaged friends.

For the modern mom, have your florist deck out an inexpensive clutch handbag with blooms from your wedding palette. Whether the entire piece is covered in hydrangea florettes or simply accented with an artful display of gloriosa lilies and orchids, she can carry around her lipstick and tissues at the same time.