Question to Ask When Choosing a Wedding Venue

by Kristin Hull | April 11, 2012

One of the Magnolia’s wedding receptions.

Thanks to Jessica Smith, Catering Manager for The Magnolia Hotel for answering this week’s reader question:

What kinds of things should we consider when choosing a wedding venue?

The location of the wedding celebration is usually one of the most important items on a bride’s list. Often, it sets the tone for many of the other decisions that will be made. With such a large number of venues in the area to consider, how in the world will you be able to narrow them down to just one? Never fear – by taking some time to consider the following points, you will surely find the right fit for your big day!!

Number of Guests
Of course you can’t know exactly how many guests will check the “yes” box on the RSVP, but be realistic about the number you anticipate. It’s very risky to choose a location too small based on the hope that a lot of people won’t be able to attend.

Historic, vintage, modern, industrial, country, urban – our city has it all. If you can dream it, there’s bound to be a venue that fits the style. If you’re not sure what you want there are a plethora of magazines and websites that will help you gather inspiration and get ideas. Pinterest, is a great tool to keep track of awesome pictures you see on BridalBuzz and throughout the internet to create picture boards that help bundle your ideas together!!

If your ceremony will take place at a church, do you want the reception to be nearby? Or, will you need a location that offers both? What about a hotel location that can also house your guests throughout the weekend? Downtown, suburbs, or away from it all? Answering these questions will narrow down your options.

Services Offered
Are you the DIY bride, the “I just want to show up” bride, or something in between? The answer to that question can make a difference in which venue will suit you best. What services, staffing, equipment, and décor will you need them to provide, and what will you have to get from other resources?