Use These Celebrity Tricks For Picture Perfect Wedding Photos

by Kristin Hull | May 16, 2012

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Photography by Dallas Classic Photography.

Thanks to Stephen Cox of Dallas Classic Photography for answering this week’s reader question:

Can you give me some tips on the best way to pose in my wedding photos so I’ll look my best? I know it’s important to keep your chin down but what else? Thanks!

Brides and grooms often get nervous when thinking about how they will look in their wedding photos. Following these simple tips will help you put your best foot (or face) forward:

  • Be natural. There’s no need to overdo it on makeup, tanning or teeth whitening. You should try to look your best but, by all means, make sure you still appear natural and not like a mannequin.
  • Stay hydrated a couple of weeks before your wedding. Your skin will look better, you will feel better, and believe it or not, that will show in photos.
  • Practice your poses. We strongly encourage you to have a pre-wedding session (either a bridal portrait session or engagement session) so that you become accustomed to being photographed professionally. Most people are not used to being followed around for eight hours and, if you are not comfortable, it will show in your images. Celebrities look good because they are used to being photographed. Try to get in touch with your inner movie star for your big day.
  • As far as posing, it is best to lead with one shoulder and never be square toward the camera. Place your weight on your back leg and don’t let your arms hang at your sides, do something with them! Stand up straight with your chest out (but not too far!), neck lengthened and shoulders back. It sounds like a lot, but you will find that it is very natural once you get in position.

Gorgeous wedding photos are a combination of good photography and inner beauty being presented outwardly. When you are comfortable, and celebrating the love between you and your man, your photos will show a romantic emotion that is original only to you.