Engaged: Nikki Bennett and Adam McDonald

by Kristi McCann

What are the chances of helping an acquaintance get a job interview and then falling in love with them? Pretty slim, but according to Adam McDonald, not impossible. As an employee at Maxim Physicians, a physician staffing and consulting firm in Dallas, Adam met Nikki Bennett through a mutual friend and managed to land her a job interview at the firm. From the start, Nikki and Adam clicked, but their relationship was platonic for over a year before they began dating.

Once the pair did become a couple, they started a tradition of visiting Adam’s brother, Ryan, in Baltimore each year to celebrate Adam’s July birthday. This past summer, however, they decided to add onto their usual vacation by venturing to New York City beforehand. Little did Nikki know that her first time to The Big Apple would be much more memorable than she could have ever imagined. One night, after a lovely dinner at Rockefeller Center, Adam suggested they ride the elevator to the top of the building to take some pictures. There, the pair posed with a beautiful view of the city behind them as another tourist took the picture. Adam asked the man for just “one more shot,” and as he began to snap the photo, Adam got down on one knee and proposed. Onlookers applauded, and Ryan and his girlfriend, who had been there the whole time, came out of their hiding spot. Finally, all the details that Nikki had noticed earlier in the night – the sport coat Adam insisted on wearing and the text messages during dinner – all made sense

Nikki graduated from Stephen F. Austin University with a degree in business. She currently teaches at Fannin Middle School in Grand Prairie. Adam attended A&M and is one of our own. He currently works in the sales department of D Magazine. The couple will wed in Tyler, TX on June 23, 2012.

Kristi McCann is a D Weddings intern.