The Haute Hostess Plans a Bridal Shower for the Adventurous Bride

by Margaux Anbouba

We’re starting a new series on BridalBuzz called The Haute Hostess. Our very creative and resourceful intern Margaux Anbouba has been charged with creating creative shower ideas while including helpful tips and hints. She’s focusing on local business so you can make these shower ideas a reality.

Move over, summer camp memories of your childhood, because there’s a new scavenger hunt in town. It’s making an appearance at a bridal shower near you. This is the kind of wedding shower for an adventurous bride – she’s someone who gets an adrenaline rush from a little friendly competition, is outgoing and isn’t easily embarrassed. While this bridal shower is all about competition, the bride always wins because once the hunt is over, it’ll be time to open gifts! Check out more details about this fun-filled shower after the jump.

The T Room at Forty Five Ten

The Location: The location for this kind of shower is tricky – you need a gathering place where your guests can meet, leave their belongings, and come back to once the hunt is over. We love the idea of renting out a private room at a restaurant near a shopping area. Check out The T Room, attached to designer boutique Forty Five Ten or the NM Cafe, located on the third floor of NorthPark’s Neiman Marcus.

The Food: Food should be readily available before and after the shower because everybody will be so active. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Finger foods like tea sandwiches, cookies, and portable drinks are perfect. You can even put eating an item significant to the bride and groom on the scavenger hunt list. For dessert, try Celebrity Bakery’s iced cookies. When given enough advance warning, they can personalize them into shapes or colors of your choosing.

The Activities: The majority of the shower will be the scavenger hunt. (Be sure your guests know before hand so they can dress appropriately!) Each team, which can be anywhere from two people and up, should have a camera and check list. They will need evidence to prove they completed each item on this list. A photograph is perfect for this (you could even upload them on Instagram with a special hashtag just for the bride!). After the shower, be sure to collect all of the photos to assemble into a scrapbook for your bride! Local scrapbooking store Scrappin’ Bunnies has tons of materials to help you make the perfect memento from the shower.

Get creative with the scavenger hunt requirements – the more specific to the bride, the better! Be sure to set a time for everybody to make it back to the meeting spot, or else the event could last a lot longer than anticipated. Here are some ideas to get you started:

-       Penny minted the year the bride was born in – 1 point

-       Something old, something new, something blue – 1 point

-       Something heart-shaped – 1 point

-       A woman dressed in all white – 3 points

-       Wedding advice from strangers written on napkins – 1 point per napkin

-       Video serenading random stranger with The Temptation’s “My Girl” – 2 points

-       Take a photo with a guy who has the same name as the groom – 1 point per photo

-       Take a photo at the place where the bride and groom met – 3 points

-       Wear a veil made out of paper – 2 points

-       Share a strawberry milkshake with a random stranger – 2 points

The Favors: Since your guests will be divided up into teams, having team t-shirts made is a great way to have a unique keepsake from the shower. T-shirt company Purple Giraffe, located in the Design District, is a great local vendor that can make up original shirts in an assortment of colors. Also, don’t forget the scavenger hunt winners! Gifts for them could include chocolate from local artisan Dude Sweet Chocolate, fun knick-knacks from Betty Lou, or a gift card to Pearl Cup coffee shop.

Margaux Anbouba is a D Weddings Intern.