The Haute Hostess Plans a Bridal Shower for the Jet-Setting Bride

by Margaux Anbouba

Photo by Absolute Photography.
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Since the Parisian bridal shower is a little overplayed (according to the movie Bridesmaids, at least), why not theme your bridal shower around another international hot spot, like London or Rome? Imagine a bridal shower for the ultimate jet-setter bride–let’s just say her name is Kate or Sophia. This bridal shower will be a cultural experience, with delicious food as the centerpiece of the event. The country can be anywhere significant to the bride: honeymoon destination, a place she studied abroad, or a city on her must-travel list. Invites can be sent on post card, preparing both the bride and her guests for a shower that will be a total trip. Check out the details for a destination-theme shower after the jump.

While these showers could be planned at their respective restaurants in the Dallas area (try Maudee’s for a London shower and Lucia for an Italian theme) we love the idea of having this shower outside on a clear day. A beautiful back yard, the Nasher or other sculpture gardens would be a perfect location.


London has been in the spotlight a lot the past few years. There was a royal wedding (and now a royal baby!), Queen Elizabeth’s Jubliee and the Olympics. It’s a fantastic theme for any anglophile’s “Hen Night” (the term for bridal shower in England). There are two themes we love–Union Jack and a tea party. Both can be thrown at the same location, with different decorations. For Union Jack, think red, white and blue, the Beatles, and Mind the Gap posters. For a daintier shower, try a tea party with vintage teacups, pastel colors, tea cookies, and fresh flowers.

The Food:
England is known for their tea and it’s accompaniments – a London themed shower, regardless if it is Union Jack or tea party, should offer classic English teas, shortbread cookies, and tea sandwiches. If you are hosting the shower at a private residence, stop by Teavana to find a large assortment of teas. You can even blend them on your own for the bride! To complete the Union Jack theme, there should be red, white, and blue sweets like cookies and doughnuts. For the tea party hen night, add sweet details like rock-candy stirring sticks and pink champagne cupcakes for dessert.

The Activities:
England has given us famous rock stars like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Queen, all of which can be celebrated at the shower through a Union Jack karaoke event or party game. Guests can divide into pairs to sing duets from some of the most famous British rock stars of all time–all in a British accent. The tea party, slightly more refined, will feature the tea service as the main activity. Guests will enjoy trying different teas, cookies, and other sweets that would be expected at a royal tea party. Petit fours, one of Ashton Bakery’s most popular baked goods, would be a fantastic accompaniment to tea. The host could also request guests arrive to tea in their best fascinator, which could be judged by the bride for a prize.

The Favors:
For the Union Jack shower, help you guests become world travelers  with colorful monogrammed luggage tags like these from local Etsy artisan Joy Scebold. The same Etsy store offers kerchief embroidery, which would be a great favor for the tea party. Other favor ideas for a tea party shower include a vintage cup and saucer and loose leaf tea.


Regarded as one of the most historic and exotic countries in the world, everything about Italy oozes romance. From the famous artists and landmarks to the delicious food and desserts, the country is associated with beauty, happiness, and prosperity. Décor for this shower could include red and white check tabletops, flowers in wine bottle vases, and opera music playing in the background. If held at a private residence, decorate the walls with famous works of art by Raphael and Botticelli.

The Food:
If hosted at or catered by a restaurant, look for light bites to feed your guests. Ideas include caprese salad skewers, prosciutto and olives. Drinks can include Prosecco, coffee, and Italian soda. The food can easily be served buffet style, that way as the shower progresses into the activity, guests can go back for more food as desired. Italian foodies love Carbone’s, an Italian grocery and restaurant, which will have the complete spread for your meal.

The Activities:
Of course, wine is a must at an Italian shower, so why not turn it into the main activity? A wine, olive and cheese tasting could be arranged at any Italian restaurant and would be a hit. Most wine bars, like Cru, offer wine ‘flights’ or selections of three to five wines that have similar notes. Central Market also offers a wide selection of wine, with helpful wine experts to help you select the perfect Italian wines for your event.

The Favors:
Two of Italy’s most famous desserts – Italian wedding cake and tiramisu, can be easily made in mason jars and given out as party favors. Jordan almonds, which are raw almonds covered in a colored sugar coating, should also be given to guests, since they are traditional wedding favor in Italy. Each guest should be given five almonds to represent five pillars present in a newly married couple’s life – happiness, fertility, health, wealth and longevity. Whole Foods offers the candy-coated almonds in a variety of pastel colors.