Engaged: Shelby Hoge and Matthew Comeaux

by Chelsey Plumlee

Photo by Absolute Photography.

Photography by Andrea Polito Photography.

Shelby and Matt attended all of the same schools while growing up in Highland Park, but didn’t formally meet until Matt graduated from Texas Christian University in 2007. He stayed in Fort Worth near campus, while she moved back to Dallas. They would see each other while out with friends on weekends and felt their first real spark on St. Patrick’s Day 2010. That Easter Sunday, the pair sat down for their official first date, which Matt treated more like an interview, according to Shelby. He knew he was truly interested in Shelby so he was not afraid to ask all of the big religion, sports, family questions that many are too shy to delve into early in a relationship. They learned that they had a lot of important things in common that night and their first date was followed by two years of romance.

The pair spent a long weekend at Shelby’s family’s house on Lake Texoma. Matt snuck off to the guest house claiming that he did not feel well. When Shelby went to check on him, she found him surrounded by candles and down on one knee. They spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with friends and family.

Shelby studied education at the University of Oklahoma and is now a teacher at Preston Hollow Presbyterian School. Matt attended Texas Christian University, where he earned his degree in business and is now in law school at the University of Tulsa. The pair will wed on May 18 at Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church before hosting their reception at the Ritz-Carlton.

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