Hitched in a Hurry: Accessory Affair

by Ryan Conner

Photo by Absolute Photography.

Belts from Etsy shop Camilla Christine.

Karley Osborn is a bride-to-be living in Plano. Her fiancé proposed in March. They’re getting married in July. No, she’s not crazy, and yes, she’s confident she will be able to order a dress and have it triple-fitted in plenty of time — no matter what the experts have to say about it. Karley also happened to intern for D Magazine and work as a social reporter with People Newspapers. Every Wednesday, she’ll be documenting her planning process. From flowers to fittings, she will use her first-hand experience to help other brides in the event of a last-minute love affair.

Since I found my wedding dress in about 24 hours, you’d think that settling on accessories wouldn’t take me more than five minutes, right? I thought so, too. Turns out, we were both wrong.

With just 88 days to go, it’s beyond time to kick this marriage thing into high gear. Fiancé and I should be getting our marriage license, stuffing welcome baskets, finalizing our reception menu, finding ceremony musicians, and…heaven help us…BOOKING OUR PHOTOGRAPHER (but that’s another story). The problem is that in the midst of all those “supposed-to-dos”, I went and fell in love. Obviously, if you read last week’s column, you know I’m not cheating on Fiancé (I’m kind of obsessed with him). No…this love affair is more of the material variety. Because I’m completely taken with The Belt. Not just a belt. The Belt.

My preoccupation with the The Belt (AKA the most elusive accessory of all time) began while flipping through a bridal magazine—one of thousands (including D Weddings, of course) that have been sent to me by friends and family members who have perhaps taken notice of the I’m-excited-but-I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing expression that has been plastered on my face since early March.

Flip, flip, flip. Per usual, I skimmed countless advertisements and tore out lists that told me—albeit kindly—that I was already light-years behind on literally everything. And then I saw it.

Turquoise and mint-colored stones, rimmed in charcoal beading. Delicate, but decidedly different. Funky, even. In my mind, it instantly cemented itself as the Accessory Of All Accessories. It was The Belt. It was my belt.

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Within seconds, I began brainstorming for ways to make it my own. I scoured Etsy, contacting shops such as Camilla Christine in hopes of finding something similar. While several shops were stocked with beautiful belts strewn with crystals and pearls, I was out of luck in the funky-turquoise department. Next, I emailed Patsy’s, A Bridal Boutique approximately 1,000 times in hopes of creating a look-a-like, but ultimately decided against it. Don’t get me wrong—they were amazing to work with and confident their designer could make me a replica. But while I was tempted, I just couldn’t commit. The reason? I wanted the real thing. I just had to find it, first.

Eventually, my search led to a phone conversation with Amanda, who works at Blush Bridal Lounge in Austin, Texas. Yes, they had provided the belt I had seen in the bridal magazine photo shoot. Yes, it was a beautiful belt. As a matter of fact, yes the belt was an Enzoani design.

But no…I probably couldn’t have it. Because it would take more months to order than I had left in my engagement. Heck, it would take more months to order than the length of my engagement in its entirety.

Fellow hitched in a hurry brides, this whole “what you’re asking is impossible” thing is a problem you may—correction, you will—encounter often during your speedy engagement. That being said, here are two phrases to keep handy that have been proven to remedy even the most severe case of the “nos”:

  1. Do you have a sample of the [insert one: dress, belt, head piece, veil] that you’d be willing to sell?
  2. Is there a rush fee I can pay to get the product on time?

If the answer is still no after dropping the “sample” and “rush fee” lines, then…it’s a no. But if, like the saintly Amanda, your salesperson responds with a phrase such as, “The only pull I have in this world is with Enzoani. Let me see what I can do,” then you know that you’re in the clear. The Belt will be yours.

Well, more accurately, a belt will be yours. The Belt will be mine. But I’m confident that by asking the right questions, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for (with plenty of time to spare!), too.

And now, an update—the present state of our premarital union:

Days into engagement: 59

Days until wedding: 88

Things accomplished: Save the date cards sent; Invitations ordered; Cake confirmed; Wedding bands purchased; Honeymoon booked (thanks, Fiancé!); Bride accessorized.

Up next: Mail wedding invitations; Attend bridal showers; Book a photographer (!!!); Enough is enough…pick the flowers, seriously; Two words: marriage license; Select ceremony details (think vows and music); Find a musician—at this point, any musician; Hire a DJ? Think about it, at least; Create ceremony programs; Get started on those wedding welcome baskets…

…and maybe, after reviewing all the things I still have left to do, ask someone if there’s a rush fee I can pay to get myself to the wedding on time