Ask the Expert: Wedding Catering Dilemma

by Ryan Conner | May 8, 2013

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Food presentation by Culinary Art Catering.

Thanks to Rebecca Wood, wedding sales manager for Culinary Art Catering, for answering this week’s reader question.

My favorite food is Tex-Mex. My fiance’s is Italian. How do we incorporate such different tastes to make a menu that speaks to both of us?

There are a variety of ways to tackle this common dilemma! Here at Culinary Art, we see different cultures and palates coming together all the time. The first thing that I would suggest is really focusing on why each of you likes what you like! Is it the heartiness of the pasta? Or the fresh flavors of Tex Mex? Once you’ve narrowed down why each of you likes each food type, it should be easier to compromise on your reception menu.

You can always try to create a fusion menu but in some cases, like this one, it would be pretty difficult to fuse the drastically different flavors and styles. Another option is compromising by having a Mexican-themed cocktail hour (or even rehearsal dinner) and an Italian-themed main course. Another option is opting for food stations and/or mini plate stations representative of both cultures.

Late night snacks are another great way to sneak personality into your menu! The beauty of a late night snack is that it doesn’t always pair with another food. It can be anything! And late night snacks are often a couple’s favorite foods, and a great way to finish off the night!


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  • Not Tim Rogers | May 8, 2013 | Reply

    Tim Rogers quits and within days, the editing is out the window. “Delimma”?

  • Ryan Conner | May 8, 2013 | Reply

    Tim doesn’t edit this blog — and thank goodness, right? The headline is fixed. I’m blaming technical difficulties.