Fitness Advice For the Bride

by D Weddings

Cristin Caulfield: Photography by Kristi & Scot Redman

Cristin Caulfield
Flywheel Highland Park

What is Flywheel? 
Flywheel is an indoor cycling workout that includes intervals, climbs, and descents while working the upper body with weighted bars.

Why is it a good workout for a bride trying to get in shape for her wedding?
Our proprietary bike has custom performance tracking technology that monitors every rider’s real-time performance. Riders can challenge themselves via their on-the-bike screen and also compete with other riders on our flat-screen Torq boards where the instructor runs races for the class and posts their stats throughout the ride. Post-ride, your personal performance data is available at This is a great way for the bride-to-be to keep herself motivated in the months prior to her big day as she can track her improvement.

How long before the 
wedding should a bride start working out if she is not already?
This definitely depends on an individual’s goals. The main thing is to be realistic. For brides-to-be just looking to tighten and tone, three months prior to the wedding is enough. For more demanding weight-loss goals, give it six months. If you don’t give yourself a realistic time frame to reach your goals, it will just add to your stress.


What are some common mistakes brides should avoid when beginning a new exercise regimen?
One of the biggest mistakes I see is lack of patience. People want to see results quick, and sometimes if they don’t see a big difference immediately, they lose motivation. Changing your body takes determination, commitment, and time. In addition, paying attention to form is another really important factor when starting a new exercise regimen. Listen to what the instructor is saying and apply it as this will result in a safe and effective workout.

How often should a bride-to-be take a Flywheel class?
I would recommend three to four times a week.

When should she expect to see results?
She will see a change within the first two weeks! Like any workout, you will see better results if you combine it with a healthy diet. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself, though! I have a burger when I am craving it. That way I don’t feel deprived, and I know I can work extra hard in class and burn some serious calories.

Should she incorporate any workout besides Flywheel?
Flywheel offers killer cardio, so if you do tag on an additional workout, I suggest a strength-training class. Our Flywheel Plano studio is launching FlyBarre later this summer. FlyBarre is a total body-sculpting class that blends lightweight training, dance, and core strengthening exercises. This has become popular with brides in other regions because it works quickly to reshape the body for lean, strong, and elongated muscles. Flywheel also has FlyBride, a six-month unlimited membership to FlyBarre that includes a complimentary FlyBarre bachelorette party to help you celebrate!


Favorite fitness products

1. Our Flywheel zip-ups are lightweight and make for a perfect cover-up before and after class.
2. My S’well water bottle keeps water cold for hours.
$32/The Gypsy Wagon
3. No-pull hair ties are essential. They don’t pull your hair or leave a crease. Genius!
$3 each/The Gypsy Wagon