Ask the Expert: Planning a Honeymoon During Hurricane Season? Don’t Fret. Read This Advice.

by Ryan Conner | August 21, 2013


Dreaming of a vacation to Montego Bay? Read this before booking your trip.

Thanks to Laura Bassett from Haute Holidays Travel for answering this week’s reader question!

My husband and I are planning a wedding during the Caribbean’s hurricane season, but we have our hearts set on a beach vacation. Where are some ideas for planning a relaxing honeymoon while taking into consideration the weather

Hurricane season in the Caribbean typically lasts from about June through November. While some resorts close completely in August or September, you don’t need to avoid the area entirely. Remember that generally the weather may be nice, but there is always a chance of a storm. The further south you go in the Caribbean, the less likely the chance of a major hurricane, so Aruba, Grenada, St. Lucia or Barbados may be safer bets. Or did you know that Turks & Caicos has 350 days of sunshine a year? Sometimes rainy season just means occasional showers that pass quickly.

While you can never predict the weather, you can always protect yourself and the investment that is your honeymoon with trip insurance. I always recommend insurance to couples traveling during hurricane season because you never know!

You could also consider beaches not in the Caribbean. Bermuda is actually in the Atlantic, not the Caribbean, and their high season is roughly April through October, with August being quite busy!  This is the opposite of the Caribbean’s high season. Also, Hawaii is beautiful in the late summer/early fall and less crowded after kids go back to school. Early fall is also a beautiful time to go to Europe, as the crowds have cleared but the weather is still nice. There are some great smaller islands and beaches there that you could combine with a city stay to have a different experience while incorporating European history, food and wine! How about Barcelona and Mallorca? Or Lisbon and Cascais? Finally, you may consider a Mediterranean cruise through Greece, Italy or Croatia to see many places but only unpack once. Tahiti and Bali are also great in late summer/early fall.

So there are actually many sunny places that would make fantastic honeymoon spots if you can look beyond the Caribbean during hurricane season. But if you do decide to go to the Caribbean, make sure you buy trip insurance!