FlyWheel Sports in Plano Launches FlyBride Program

by Ryan Conner

FlyBarreThe D Magazine editors recently named FlyWheel the Best of Big D winner for Best Fitness Program. Good news comes from their people about a new fitness plan aimed specifically at the bride. FlyBride utilizes the techniques from FlyBarre, a program that integrates light weight training, dance, and core strengthening using small interval training. The result is lean, long, and elongated muscles. If you’ve never been to a FlyWheel class, know this: They play the best music. What better motivation than to train while listening to Beyonce (and imagining looking like her on your big day)?

With each FlyBride membership, brides receive a complimentary “bachelorette party.” Before you wine and dine the day away, invite your girls to a class. You can customize your playlist to get the party started. May we recommend a playlist circa-whatever-year-she-was-in-college? Trust us on this one. You can visit FlyBride/FlyBarre at 5964 W. Parker Rd. in Plano.