Engaged: Hayley Stephens and Brett Walley

by Ryan Conner

HayleyAs it turns out, Hayley Stephens’ birthday just happens to be a day that most everyone in Dallas celebrates. (Or at least recognizes.) So on St. Paddy’s Day last year, she and her girlfriends donned green and planned to spend the day toasting to the Irish and, of course, her birthday.

Little did Hayley know that her fiancé and boyfriend of three years, Brett Walley, was planning another celebration for them that same day. The couple had shopped for engagement rings together, and he had a general idea about what she liked. However, it wasn’t until Hayley spotted the perfect ring, naturally, that Brett felt it was the perfect time to propose. The catch: Hayley works for a designer inside of the World Trade Center. That “perfect ring” was just steps away from her office. It would be quite difficult for Brett to get the ring without Hayley noticing her fiance’ walking by.

Somehow, the day before the proposal, Brett super-sleuthed his way past Hayley, purchased the ring, and prepared his marriage proposal. Brett wanted to make sure their parents were involved in the experience in order to honor their longtime marriages that have served as inspiration for both of their families. Nervously and excitedly, with family situated nearby the chosen proposal location, he popped the question. Once he heard “yes,” the celebration of their engagement, Hayley’s birthday, and St. Patrick’s Day commenced.

Brett, a native of Plano and graduate of St. Edwards University, is manager of midstream finance at Regency Energy Partners in Dallas. Hayley, a native of Arlington, graduated from Texas Tech University and is a wholesale sales representative at Silkroute International-Dallas World Trade Center. Hayley and Brett will be married in front of family and friends on April 5 in Cozumel, Mexico, followed by a honeymoon to Italy.

2 Responses to “Engaged: Hayley Stephens and Brett Walley”

  • Janie Stephens | January 21, 2014 | Reply

    So happy for Hayley and Brett as they begin the greatest adventure of their lives. Praising God for His providence!!! Love these two so much!!

  • Varkey | March 8, 2014 | Reply

    Nikki,Fantastic shots love the soft focus on the portraits and haprarsiy shot. What a privilege to go to such a brave wedding. They looked stunning relaxed, healthy, youthful. You captured all of that they will be proud of your photos forever. I hope that you get many more funky weddings to do like that one! what a great career that would be. Well done.