Ask the Expert: Where to Take an Extended Honeymoon

by Ryan Conner | February 12, 2014


The Shangri-La Hotel in Paris.

Thank you to Laura Bassett from Haute Holiday Travel for answering this week’s reader questions:

My fiance and I would like to take an extended honeymoon. I like experiencing the culture, but my husband just wants to bum on the beach. What are some good locations for a long trip that includes both of our interests?

I recently planned a honeymoon for a couple who had the same question: they wanted to experience an extended honeymoon combining their (different) wants and needs. I suggested the South Pacific and Australia. Luckily, it is quite easy to stop over in Fiji en route to Sydney, so they were able to enjoy a relaxing week on the beach, followed by some great touring in Australia!  They had two weeks so were able to fully enjoy this experience.

Also, Europe is a great location for taking in many different experiences! With Europe’s extensive high-speed rail system, it is possible to enjoy Paris for a few days, followed by a few days wine-tasting in Bordeaux, and end finally with a few days soaking up the sun in a coastal village on the tony French Riviera. Italy is also very popular right now, and the main cities are generally only two to four hours apart via high-speed rail, making amazing combinations of {city + wine country + the coast} a snap!

Other great combinations could include a Kenya safari + beach time in the Seychelles, a South Africa safari + beach time in Mozambique, or even hiking in Nepal + a cultural experience in Bhutan. Most importantly, each honeymooning couple needs to honestly discuss (with themselves or their travel advisor) what it is they would really like to see and experience on this special trip. The trip can then be completely tailored to their interests and the transfers between multiple destinations made seamless!