Ask the Expert: How to Choose Your Engagement and Bridal Portrait Photo Location

by Ryan Conner | March 5, 2014

Unknown-4Thanks to photographer Crystal Williamson for answering this week’s Ask the Expert question:

How do I choose where to have our engagement and bridal portraits taken? Does our photographer have ideas or can we come up with places we like, too?

Selecting locations for engagement photos should be a collaboration of ideas between the client and the photographer. This “brainstorming “ conversation should always begin with the intended purpose in mind: Save the dates, press announcement, or just an opportunity to document the beginning of a relationship.

You should go in with at least a general idea of what you might like. Such as: “ I love Black and White.” This will lead to specific colors, tones, or patterns in the clothing you select to make the best possible black and white images. The photographer is going to have locations or possible lighting scenarios to suggest that will work to make your vision a reality, but communication is key.

Bridal portraits are dictated a bit more by the dress than anything else.  The silhoutte, the texture, the fabric and overall feel of the dress will help to decide where the shoot should take place. The client’s family home, the photographer’s studio, the reception site, ceremony location or even a total departure from the event altogether. But always keep this in mind: Select a background that enhances you and your beautiful gown. Once again, communication is key. Simply tell your photographer what you want.