Ask the Expert: Why You Should Consider Hiring a Videographer For Your Wedding Day

by Ryan Conner | July 22, 2015

Thanks to Jason Traub from Elixir Entertainment for answering this week’s reader question:

Do I need to hire a videographer for my wedding day? Is a photographer enough to capture all of the moments?

With the wedding day speeding by in a blur, there’s no better way to properly capture the emotions, sights, and sounds than with a great video. Here are five reasons why:

1. AUDIO: Probably the biggest difference between hiring only a photographer verses also hiring a videographer is the ability to capture audio. Relive the hilarious toasts from the rehearsal dinner, hear the groom voice passionate vows to his bride, and listen to the wedding party share their individual well-wishes to the newlyweds. Even a late-night interview with the bride and groom is a fun element to add to the video! Additionally, the audio from the ceremony or toasts makes perfect narration for the highlight clip.

2. MOVEMENT: A still shot of the first dance is nice, but to see the new groom whispering “I Love You” in his new wife’s ear during their first dance, see her walking down the aisle with her father, laugh as they are lifted in the chairs during the hora, blush as he smears cake on her cheek— there are so many priceless moments that video can preserve. We often hear people make a point of slowing down and trying to take it all in, but there’s just so much going on that day. A video eases the potential stress and fear of not remembering the details and moments. We capture the main events along with the small. often unnoticed details of the wedding day.

3. PRE-WEDDING PREP: Some of my favorite footage comes from the pre-wedding ceremony coverage that is captured during preparations. This is great “behind-the-scenes” video of the bridal party getting hair and make-up, the bride putting on her gown, the groomsmen toasting their groom, the “first look,” and so on. The emotions from this part of the day are so great, but sadly forgotten once the ceremony begins (unless captured properly on video).

4. MEMORIES: Yes, the bride and groom are always the “stars” of the wedding video, but the day is also about family. It’s important to involve the parents, grandparents, and siblings too. Especially as the years go by and people move on with their lives, it’s nice to have a documented memory of the best day of your life. Mothers will love to re-watch their family dance and celebrate and likely even share it with their friends! Also, we’ve heard from many of our bride and grooms who make a point of watching their video on their anniversary, bringing a smile to their faces all over again.

5. DIFFERENT STYLES OF VIDEOGRAPHY: There are many styles of videography to choose from and there’s a fit for every budget and bride. Decide how you want to incorporate videography into your big day. Our style ranges from a mix of documentary (film things as they happen and no staging) and cinematic (creating an entertaining movie-like highlight clip to share with family and friends). Prices vary, but our packages start at $3,000. A la carte options include rehearsal dinner coverage, love story documentary, and more. You can also consider an interactive element to your party such as a slo-mo video booth. Guests always get a huge kick out of seeing the videos played back on the monitor as they twirl around in confetti, dance, and play in costumes.

Consider adding videography to your wedding day. It’s an investment, sure, but our clients consistently tell us it’s one of the best ways they spent their money that day! The video will last a lifetime and is a way to preserve memories to share with future generations.

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