Six Local Bridal Boot Camps and Nutrition Programs for Your Big Day

by Krista Wheeler

Wanting to feel and look your best for the big day? Stress no more. We are here to help make your fitness goals a reality. Read on for our list of six local bridal boot camps and nutrition program that will build confidence so you’ll feel your best on your wedding weekend and honeymoon.

Bridalicious Boot Camp

Bridalicious Boot Camp is a health and fitness program designed to get you in the best shape of your life in the shortest, safest time. Whether you have a big weight loss goal or you just want to shape and tone, the group classes are a mix of great workouts. Trainer Doug Rice offers up a combination of resistance training, obstacle courses, running, core, body weight, and fun sports training drills. Women of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels are welcomed.

Commitment: Bridalicious boot camp is an ongoing boot camp. How many months you work out is up to you. Each class is 45 minutes.

Cost: $197 per month; $157 per month with a seven-month unlimited membership

Location: Classes are offered Monday through Friday at 5:45 a.m. at UFC Gym in Plano; Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at Old Shepard Park in Plano; and Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. at Lee Park in Uptown.

Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness

Owner and head trainer Katherine Bahlburg started Bells and Barbells to “help you into the best shape of your life while helping you feel and look your absolute best throughout your entire engagement.” In this program you will have a customized personal trainer who will figure out what works best for your body and will help you reach and surpass your health and fitness goals safely without injury. Whether you want to lose weight, add muscle tone, recover from an injury, or learn how to eat and exercise for your body type, Bells and Barbells does it all through strength training, cardiovascular training, mobility and recovery, and nutrition. You can set up a private group classes or individual training sessions.

Commitment: The training sessions are by appointment. Bridal packages include a set number of sessions. Sessions are one hour.

Cost: Personal training sessions are $75/hour; group training from $20/person; three-month bridal fitness program (includes 36 personal training sessions, a group session, nutrition consult and coaching, meal plans) is $833/month; six-month bridal fitness (includes 66 personal training sessions, a group session, nutrition consult and coaching, meal plans) program is $710/month.

Location: 3102 Oak Lawn Ave., 469-256-8624.

Bridal Boot Camp at Exhale

After completing the six-week or 12-week program, Exhale promises you will “leave tightened, toned, and cleansed.” Both of the programs at Exhale’s Bridal Boot Camp include unlimited core fusion and yoga classes, weekly check-ins with the Mind Body Manager to ensure goals are being met, a series of facials, a massage, and private group classes for the bride and her friends.

Commitment: Exhale recommends you take three to four classes a week to achieve maximum results. And why not? They’re unlimited. Multiple classes are offered daily and you can book online for the time that is best for you. Classes range from an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

Cost: $680 for 6-week program; $975 for 12-week program

Location: Highland Dallas Hotel, 5300 East Mockingbird Ln. 214-370-5800.

Utopia Food & Fitness

After completing Utopia’s six-week Total Body Makeover program, you will see dramatic results just in time for your wedding. It is a scientifically calibrated food and fitness program where you will be restoring youthful levels of shapely, energetic, strong, metabolically active, functional lean tissue. Chef Mike Smith (of Thomas Avenue Beverage Company) creates the meal program of fresh, seasonal, and healthy meals. The best thing about Utopia Food & Fitness is that not only does it work, but it also does not require a huge time commitment. Look and feel your best with a prepared food plan and only 20-minute workouts twice per week. Women can expect to lose an average of 20 inches in that six weeks (average results of all members).

Commitment: The program prides itself on a small commitment. It’s only six weeks and you only have to work out twice a week for 20 minutes. You can lock in your times with the personal trainer once you join the program. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks are prepared for you daily, but you can pick up more than one days’ worth of food at a time.

Cost: Utopia’s most popular program is “Choice.” It will run you a cool $1,700.  However, this program is a complete, comprehensive six-week program that includes enrollment fee, monthly dues, evaluations, goal setting, personal training, 100% of the four-star chef food for the entire six weeks (three meals and two snacks per day) and the results report. Ongoing monthly dues are $79 per month with no long term contracts (strictly month to month).

Location: 5805 Preston Rd #594, Plano. 972-781-1888; 11909 Preston Rd Ste. #1486, Dallas. 972-674-1888.

Kara Stout Bridal Wellness Coaching Program

This three-month Bridal Wellness Coaching Program was created to help brides lose five to eight pounds, get fit and toned, learn about nutrition and clean eating, add in foods for beautiful skin and hair, decrease stress, and increase energy. At this program you will have a one-on-one personal training session where you will also be given a fitness plan and lots of information sessions about nutrition, stress, and time management.

Commitment: By appointment. Each session is one hour and either in-person at The Bevy or over Skype.

Cost: $985

Location: The Bevy, 14673 Midway Rd., Addison. 808-782-4625.

All Out Bridal Boot Camp

All Out Bridal Boot Camps are a four-, eight-, or 12-week private fitness program that are made for you and your wedding party. This program includes high-intensity, heart-pumping workouts which include cardio endurance, agility, strength, flexibility, and balance in every session. You and your bridesmaids are guaranteed to be pushed to the limit and help each other through each fitness drill.

Commitment: You can book either a four-, eight-, or 12-week class. Each class meets two times per week.

Price: $60-$180/person depending on duration and number of people

Address: 11837 Judd Ct, #102. 214-799-6744.



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