Design Your Dream Wedding

by D Weddings

Think your dreams of a peony bouquet wilted due to your fall wedding date? Turns out, the beautiful bloom has a second season in the fall and can be sourced from October through December.

Dream Schemes

Beyond the dress and the venue, your palette is one of the most important wedding decisions you’ll make. Local wedding designers whip up a few seasonal color combinations that are sure to inspire.


Deep gray olive and light pink; copper, gold, and deep green; gold and silver, and white mixed together.

–Todd Fiscus, Todd Events


Jewel tones, emeralds, and amethyst.

–Marsha Ballard French, Weddings by StarDust


Soft grey, nude or creams, and sage green.

–Lottie Fowler, Grit + Gold


For fall, a variety of rich wine colors; and for winter, clean whites with accents of dusty blue-gray and blush.

–Nathan Johnson, GRO Designs

The Rules Of Rentals

Want the biggest bang for your buck? Experts give their opinions on the definitive statement pieces for any style reception.

You can really make a statement with lounge furniture and create a different vibe around the dance floor. –Marsha Ballard French, Weddings by StarDust

Dining chairs! Some of my favorite designs came together because of interesting, mismatched dining chairs. They really make a statement. –Rachel Burt, As You Wish Weddings and Events

I can’t pick one. I think it’s a carefully designed and curated look over all. None of these carry more weight than another. It’s about the design, not the item. –Todd Fiscus, Todd Events

Lounge furniture—we love to add soft seating vignettes to our brides’ weddings. It makes the space more inviting and personal. –Lucy Diaz-Flores, Bella Flora of Dallas

Custom draping in custom colors—and unique ways of hanging them. –Jordan Payne, Jordan Payne Events

China or anything that adds a pop of color, such as a colored glass. –Medora Smith, P.O.S.H. Couture Rentals

Dining chairs make the biggest impact to the overall decor. If you have lovely dining chairs that fit your aesthetic, you can get away with basic linens and china. However, the opposite isn’t true. If you invest in stunning linens and china but the chairs are an eyesore. They will detract from everything else in the room. –Meggie Francisco, Meggie Francisco Events


(Left to Right) Edward Dining Chair ($30/Perch). Metal Crossback Chair ($15/Bella Ac ento). Amber Louis Kartell Ghost Chair (price upon request/P.O.S.H. Couture Rentals). George Velvet Dining Chair ($30/Bella Acento)

Fresh Picks

If you thought spring and summer had all the floral fun, think again. Here, local floral designers and planners deliver their crop of favorite fall and winter stems.

We continue to get new varieties of garden roses that blow me away. Sweet pea, ranunculus, and peonies are also winter stunners. –Rachel Omundson, Three Branches Floral

Hellebores and bougainvillea. –Lottie Fowler, Grit + Gold

For fall, Dutch Dinner Plate dahlias; in the winter, Dutch peonies. –Nathan Johnson, GRO Floral Event & Design

I love dahlias, winter peonies, hellebore, anemones, lilac clematis, parrot tulips, and sweet pea. –Maxine Owens, The Southern Table

Dahlia, andromeda, and coleus. –Alicia Rico, Bows + Arrows

We always love ranunculus, and they come in a variety of color palettes. In the winter, the deep wine tones are our favorite. –Lucy Diaz-Flores, Bella Flora of Dallas

Snow berry, anemone, maple foliage, combo and ochre roses, French tulips, and blood and coral peonies in November. –Todd Fiscus, Todd Events

I’m a sucker for garden roses, lily of the valley, and anemones. –Jordan Payne, Jordan Payne Events

Best in Throw


“A beautiful, classic all-white bouquet to compliment the bride’s gown, hand-tied with an ivory satin ribbon.”  –Lucy Diaz-Flores, Bella Flora of Dallas

“Gardenique—the look is loose, romantic, cascading, and fresh picked!” –Alicia Rico, Bows + Arrows

“I really love a slightly cascading bouquet. It’s romantic and natural without being overbearing.” –Rachel Omundson, Three Branches Floral