Engaged: Kirsten Williams & Peter Swanson

by Olivia Gussoni

Photo by Goldenlight Creative.

Peter and Kirsten met in spring 2014 after an event Kirsten planned for work. A mutual friend, Joe, brought Peter to the after-party, and when Kirsten’s date left, Peter swooped in. They talked for hours, but didn’t exchange numbers until the following night when Joe invited them both to watch a basketball game. The two chatted all night, and one week later, they planned their first date.

After eyeballing the perfect ring for several months, Kirsten took Peter to see it. A few weeks later, he and a friend who worked at the jewelry store told Kirsten that the ring had sold. Weeks passed while Kirsten searched begrudgingly for a new ring. On March 11, Peter slipped Kirsten a sweet letter asking her to accompany him for date night. He arranged a couple’s massage and dinner for two, but the rainy weather made Kirsten want to stay home, order takeout, and watch a movie.

That evening, Peter brought Kirsten flowers before dinner and surprised her with the Private Chef’s Table at the Mansion on Turtle Creek. After dinner, Peter leaned under the table to “fix his boot.” Secretly, he picked up the ring he’d hidden and asked Kirsten to marry him. Kirsten said yes, overjoyed at the prospect of beginning their next adventure.

Peter attended the University of Rochester, where he received a degree in arts in health & society; he obtained his masters in public administration from University of North Texas. Kirsten attended the University of Missouri and received her degree in journalism, marketing and English, in addition to her masters of journalism in strategic communications. Currently, Peter runs a technology firm called 501ops, and Kirsten runs her own strategic communications firm, Compass360 Branding. She is also the publisher for M Streets Life. The two will wed on Saturday, March 11, 2017, at the St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.