Engaged: Savannah Eidson & Andrew Near

by Ryan Conner

Photo by Steve Wrubel.

Savannah and Andrew had near run-ins growing up–they attended the same elementary, middle, and high school–but they never met. It wasn’t until they both decided to attend their last term of camp in Colorado before their junior year of high school that they met at the barn dance. “School began right after we returned from camp and we would sporadically pass each other in the hallways and exchange smiles. However, it was my 17th birthday of that September that we started talking outside of school,” explains Savannah. Fast forward to the following spring, and the two camp goers decided to attend once again. Andrew copied Savannah’s schedule and made sure that he was by her side for the next two weeks. “I was beginning to realize that I developed a serious crush on him and independently, as was he. Camp was wonderful and soon our two weeks in the San Juan Mountains were over,” she says. They shared their first date, and before that was over Andrew asked her out again. This time he had something up his sleeve. After spending the weekend at Savannah’s parents’ lake house with camp friends, he invited her on a picnic. He packed up all of her favorite things and they spent the next seven hours chatting and laughing. They continued the night watching a movie and ordering cheeseburgers. “He asked me to be his girlfriend that night on the swing in front of my parents’ house and we have been together since our senior year of high school,” says Savannah.

Andrew brought Savannah back to the scene of their second date picnic for the proposal. He wrote Savannah a letter and gave her a Bible with her new name on it. “It was very sweet and symbolic. All of our family and friends had gathered for an engagement party immediately following,” she says.

Savannah attended Baylor University, where she received a bachelor’s in child and family studies. She received her master’s degree from Southern Methodist University in counseling and now works as a counselor. Andrew attended Hampden-Syndey College, where he received a bachelor’s degree in economics and commerce and then received his master’s in management from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. He works in real estate investment at RSF Partners. They will marry May 6, 2017, at Highland Park United Methodist Church.


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  • deborah eidson | April 21, 2017 | Reply

    Savannah and Andrew, congratulations on your new life together. I know you two will be very happy together!