Ask the Expert: The Top Five Questions to Ask a Wedding Planner

by Ryan Conner | February 17, 2017

Photo by f8 studio.

Thanks to Brianna Noland from 316 Design Source for answering this week’s reader question!

I would like to hire a wedding planner, but I’m not sure how to select one? What are some of the questions I should ask?

1.    Will you be working on my wedding alone, or with a team?
Knowing ahead of time how a wedding planner works can provide a bride great confidence, or be a cause of concern. There is always the chance of an emergency – and if a planner works solo, the bride could be left with a replacement planner that might not be aware of all the important details. When a planner works with a team throughout the process of creating the bride’s dream day, she is given security in knowing if something does happen and the lead planner is unable to attend, a team member who knows the ins and outs of her big day will be in charge. For instance, at 316DS, our brides select a lead planner as their main point of contact but all of 316DS is in on the details. We even copy everyone on all emails to make sure no detail is missed by anyone on the team. That way, even if it is something as simple as the lead planner out sick, someone at 316DS is able to assist our bride in whatever she may need.

2.    Do you have any questions for me?
Even the best wedding planners have questions for the bride in order to customize their services to best fit her needs. During our initial consults at 316DS this is a chance to get to know the bride—from her preferred form of communication to design style, to family dynamics and everything in between.

3.    Can you provide a list of references from clients and vendors?
There is nothing more important than real-time references from clients when it comes to choosing your wedding planner. Forget quantity of weddings and break it down to quality. Vendor references are important, too. The better working relationship a planner has with venues, entertainers, florists, bakeries and caterers, the more flawless the experience will be.

4.    What kind of services do you offer?
Selecting a planner comes down to what a bride is looking for. Is she looking for logistical help or does she need the majority of assistance making her design vision a reality? By knowing what a planner offers, it can make a bride’s decision much easier. At 316DS, we offer design services such as floral, custom paper products, and elegant rentals as well as logistical planning.

5.    A question to ask yourself: Would I ask this planner to drinks of coffee just for fun?
If the answer is yes, you have found the perfect planner and soon-to-be friend!