Engaged: Kate Jolliffe & Landon Haaf

by Gabrielle Asadoor

Photo by Jackie Cooper Photography.

Most don’t show up to the annual Super Bowl party expecting to fall in love. But such was the case for Kate and Landon. The two actually knew each other during their time at Texas Christian University, however, it wasn’t until after college at said Super Bowl party that they caught up and felt the connection. A handful of months passed and Landon snagged an invite to a mutual friend’s birthday party that Kate was hosting. A couple of drinks paired with some dancing, and the two were inseparable.

Their two years spent traveling, laughing, and going to dozens of frozen yogurt dates all culminated to a big weekend trip to Nashville. While visiting Jackson Falls, the two found a secluded bench overlooking the serene waterfall. Landon stealthily set up his camera to record the big moment, cued Kate’s favorite country tune, and asked her to dance. As the music faded, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

Kate and Landon both went to Texas Christian University. Kate studied business administration and is a senior associate at Deloitte and founder of The Everyday Hostess. Landon studied broadcast journalism and french and works as a digital producer at WFAA. They will be married on June 3, 2017, in Vail, Colorado.