Registry Roundup: Go Local

by Caitlin Clark

Photos by Elizabeth Lavin and Jill Broussard.

I once gifted a Dallas couple a large, white serving platter from Williams-Sonoma for their wedding. (The ice cream maker was taken.) Since then, they’ve told me they use it all the time. And while that’s all well and good, anyone from anywhere could have given my friends that platter. Relatives from Hawaii to Canada have access to the pineapple-festooned store, which of course is why Williams-Sonoma is found on so many registries, but maybe you want to offer guests the opportunity to gift outside the box—without going registry rogue.

Here, we’ve collected a few local gems with registries for a newlywed life that’s anything but cookie-cutter.

Set & Co.

set and co

The attractive, artisanal home and kitchen store in Oak Cliff offers in-store and online registry. “We create a registry on our iPad in the shop so family, friends, loved ones can purchase in person,” says co-owner Adam Littke. “For online we create a personalized registry page on our website with every item that you have added.”

Things to Consider: Black cutting boards and Italian terracotta saucepots offer chic takes on kitchen essentials.

The Loveliest

the loveliest

A haven of fine linens, embroidery, pom-pom blankets and baskets, The Loveliest in Uptown stocks warm, thoughtful touches for any home. “The brides come in and pick all their monograms and items, and then their guests get to order it,” adds co-owner Britni Wood.
Things to Consider: You can never go wrong with a monogrammed guest towel.


madison 214

The Highland Park Village gift shop practically glitters with its extensive array of china, vases, and crystal glassware.

Things to Consider: Embossed alligator scratch pads and anything by Brit designer William Yeoward are favorites.

Coco & Dash

coco and dash

With a fresh new space opening this month (directly next door to their original shop), the Henderson Avenue staple is now offering registry services, in addition to hosting design events and—most importantly—a coffee bar.

Things to Consider: In addition to furnishings, Mom Teddie Garrigan and daughter Courtney stock an impressive assortment of local gifts and trinkets.

Peacock Alley

peacock alley

The Dallas-based luxury linen emporium sews each lovely product locally.

Things to Consider: A feather duvet is surely an ingredient for marital bliss. 

Honorable Mention: Domino’s

I once gifted a Dallas couple a large, white serving platter from Williams-Sonoma for their weddingdominos wedding registry

It may not widely be considered a Dallas gem, but a pizza-filled registry would certainly be unique.

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