Crushing On: Halo Homme

by D Weddings

Photos courtesy of Josh Madans.

We have to admit, we had to look up a couple—ok most—of the acronyms on these pocket squares (and we won’t even tell you our guesses). But we speak emoji, and those definitely made us ☺.

The homme behind the recently launched Halo Homme, Josh Madans, created this offshoot of Halo Home to dabble into menswear. “I saw the pocket square as the new tie for guys, and we wanted to do something that was really nice but fun at the same time,” he says. The squares are made from the finest Lithuanian linen, complete with hand-rolled edges, and you can choose from six acronyms and four emojis.

So, if you are on the hunt for a cheeky groomsmen gift—JDI. (That stands for Just Do It.)

Find them at St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange, or directly on the Halo Homme website. Expect customization (think initials or wedding hashtags) in the future. Each square will run you $50 a pop.

Photo courtesy of Halo Homme. eomjipocketsquare