Ask the Expert: How to Be Hospitable to Out of Town Guests

by D Weddings | April 5, 2017

Photo courtesy of Hyatt Regency Dallas.

Thanks to hospitality expert Bryan King from Hyatt Regency Dallas for answering this week’s reader question!

What can I do to make out of town guests feel comfortable in a city they’re unfamiliar with? 

1. Block a group of hotel rooms. First and foremost, it’s important to block a set of rooms off at a hotel with a special wedding party rate. Your guests will view this as a gracious touch and will appreciate the discount, as travel expenses can add up. At Hyatt Regency Dallas, for example, we offer a very convenient policy where we will set aside up to 30 guest rooms per night for your wedding party room block with a simple courtesy agreement, without requirements to reach certain minimums in order to avoid legal unpleasantries. 

2. Do they know where to go?  Once guests have peace of mind knowing where they’ll be having a restful night’s sleep, be sure they know what to expect upon arrival. It’s a good idea to supply them with all the arrival details ahead of time. This can easily be done via email, or a more formal printed document. A map and address are a must. Also make sure guests know if they should valet or self-park. Additionally, what charges should they expect for this? Should they have cash on hand for valet tipping? This is just an extra little touch that guests will notice and appreciate the heads up.

3. Locally-sourced gifts add a personal touch. After the guest’s smooth arrival, thanks to your organized planning and attention to detail, they can retreat to their rooms. Hotel teams like the Hyatt Regency Dallas work with all wedding parties to surprise guests with “welcome gifts” in each room. Brides have gotten very creative in the past with these. From delicious snacks like Tiff’s Treats to monogramed water bottles, guests have enjoyed it all. It’s all about that extra special touch that makes them stop and think, “Wow that was really kind and creative!” Plus who doesn’t love a special treat or snack waiting for them in their hotel room after a long day of travel.

4. Let them to explore (but give them your best recs). Lastly, it’s important to provide your guests with a list of activities to enjoy if they aren’t occupied by wedding activities. There is inevitably downtime over the wedding weekend, so leaving your guest with a list of must-see attractions in a city in which they are visiting will be key. You can work with your hotel concierge to to generate a fun list of local attractions. Since they speak with countless guests daily about tourists’ favorite hot spots, they have terrific recommendations for all ages and interests (although if you’re native to the city, you may know best!)

These extra little flourishes will add up and make a lasting impression on your guests. It will just be the icing on the wedding cake!