We’re Loco for Catherine Lowe’s LoweCo. Wedding Collection

by D Weddings

Artwork by Magdiel Lopez. Photos courtesy of Catherine Lowe.

Admittedly, we at D Weddings are wild for all things LoweCo., and when we found out a wedding collection was on the horizon, we couldn’t wait! “The Bachelor” alum Catherine Lowe talks us through the inspiration behind the line, as well as the importance of love notes, holding hands, and high-end croutons.

Photos courtesy of Catherine Lowe.

What inspired you to create the line?  

“There were many inspirations behind LoweCo.’s new wedding collection! The quality of our original designs is akin to the heavy stock and detailed elegance you find in most brides’ stationery, so it was a natural progression. I was also very involved in designing the save the dates and invitations for my own wedding which sparked the passion for designing paper products. After that experience, I knew my design aesthetic, experience, and personal voice could translate well on chic cards and other paper products of my own. Also, during the show, I would write witty, silly love notes to Sean to show him I was interested. LoweCo. is an homage to how I courted him. That was a huge inspiration for LoweCo. in general!”

"Bridesmaid" by Loweco. Wedding Collection.

How did your own wedding inspire the collection?

“I was blessed to work with the wonderful team [celebrity wedding planner] Mindy Weiss offered during the planning, and I had custom pieces created for my union to Sean. Nowadays, brides have the option to cheaply customize their wedding stationery through online sites, but we offer a different take on the save the date and thank you cards by creating a canvas for beautiful calligraphy and a thick cardstock that guests would love to display in their homes as a piece of art. I was able to accomplish that same artful look with Sean and my wedding invitations, and I know most brides want a custom invitation. I leave that part to local company Southern Fried Paper who does that part so very well. (Shout out to Chelsea at SFP!)”

"Save the Date" by Loweco. Wedding Collection.

What else is in store for LoweCo.?

“I envision LoweCo. to be a luxury lifestyle brand. We are actually launching “Casa” in early 2018 which is an introduction to our home collection. It may sound silly, but my path has been motivated by eventually selling high-end croutons. Yes, you heard that right. Croutons. I make a mean crouton and for the last year I’ve wanted to figure out how to go from greeting card to croutons and I think the plan is sound. It’ll make sense, I promise. (But if it doesn’t, the croutons will still be bomb.)”

"Bridesmaid" by Loweco. Wedding Collection.

Where can we stock up?

“They are currently solely being offered on our site goloweco.com but we will be at pop-up shops around Dallas in the coming months so customers will be able to touch and feel the rich quality of our pieces.”

Any wedding advice you can give our readers?

“The one thing that I think rings true for any couple—and I have been telling each bride that I come across since our wedding—was advice I actually was given days before our ceremony by [TV host] Keltie Knight. Right after you are announced as man and wife for the first time, don’t let go of each other’s hands. On the big day, your guests will want to take you for themselves (sweetly, of course), and you may be separated from the one person you shouldn’t be. It’s tangible, easy and lovely, and it makes each memory about savoring each other instead of being too overwhelmed. I loved the idea and I will cherish those moments and pictures with Sean.”


The wedding collection includes two bridesmaid cards as individuals ($5) or as a pack of three ($12); Save the dates in pack of 20 with or w/o the option of extra postage for unique size ($70/$76); Thank you cards in pack of 20 with or w/o the option of extra postage for unique size ($70/$76); and an individual congratulations card ($5). You can also purchase “The Whole Shebang,” which includes the save the dates and thank you cards (both with extra postage), plus the bridesmaid card pack and a congratulations card for $150.