Let’s Get Married: Wedding Venue Hunting in Dallas

by D Weddings

Photo courtesy of Sarah Webb.

In this series, we go behind-the-scenes with Dallas blogger Sarah Webb as she plans her big day. 

As a new bride, you get the same two questions immediately after you get engaged. When I say immediately, I mean in the same breath, someone asks, “Let me see the ring when is the date?”

Drew was barely down on one knee when I heard a stranger in the crowd yell with his hands cupped around his mouth for added effect, “HAVE YOU SET A DATE YET?!?!?”

As Drew continued on with his proposal, I then saw that same stranger repeatedly tapping others on the shoulder, whispering in their ear, “Hey, any idea if they have a date yet??!?!

I’m joking, but suffice to say, people want to know the date and they want it RIGHT NOW.

You can’t pick a date without a venue. So although we had a general idea of March 3rd as our date, we had to nail down the venue first.

It was important to us that we do something unique and non-traditional. If no one had gotten married there before, we were all for it. I selected a list of venues that were either new, or not generally used for weddings.

The two of us took a Monday off work and venue hopped around Dallas.

Here is an outline of our (very full) day.


9am: The Adolphus Pool Deck

I had been to the grand opening party for the pool deck back in October and totally fell in love. Their brand new pool deck was a mix of swanky and charming. Their decor is chic but not overpowering. Although the Adolphus is famous for their beautiful ballroom Dallas weddings, no one has ever done one on their pool deck yet – SCORE! 















10am: But Second, Weekend Coffee

Coffee, then wedding talkie!















11am: Belmont Hotel

We live in Oak Cliff and I was very excited about the idea of keeping our money in our own neighborhood. I had two Oak Cliff venues on the list and Belmont was the first. The venue was smaller than I expected, but plenty of room for 50 people. There is a separate area for your guests to enjoy a cocktail hour while the bride and groom take photos by the pool, which I really liked.

The view was the best of the day.












12pm: Place On Parry

This lovely Fair Park studio was so bright and white I was in love. It was a little too small for our wedding, but I left brainstorming ways we could use that space for an engagement party or shower!














1pm: Rockefeller Rooftop Harwood District

This garden space is nestled on top of the 11 story parking garage of the Amegy Building. With a little creativity, there would be plenty of room to hold both the ceremony and the reception complete with dance floor! This would be the perfect spot for the couple looking to flex their creative muscles 12 floors above Downtown Dallas!














1:30pm: Champs BREAK!

What’s a wedding planning Monday off work without some bubbles?!?!















2pm: Rocco’s Trinity Groves

I mean, that view. As much as I’d love having the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge as the backdrop for our vows, the space was just a bit too large for us!

Fun fact though, this third floor space with tons of seating is actually open to the public on weekends when there aren’t any events scheduled!














3pm: House of Dirt

We absolutely adored this unique venue in Bishop Arts. The flower geniuses behind DIRT flowers just recently opened up this quaint spot. Everywhere you turn there is room to gather. There’s a back yard with a built in ceremony location, a sunny back deck, a large covered sunroom, a palm bar and even a very large front porch for guests to mingle. Funky boho vibes right here in the city of Dallas!

This space would be perfect for our 50 person wedding.
















4pm: The Woolworth

If you’ve never had a drink on the patio of The Woolworth overlooking the eye, you’re doing it all wrong. I loved the idea of the eye, well, over looking our wedding, so I had to contact them to see if they’d be willing to host a wedding. Since our group was small, we could easily have our simple and intimate reception on their large, downtown patio.


















We are THRILLED to have booked the pool deck at The Adolphus! It was a perfect fit for us, and we are so excited to get married in the heart of our favorite city in the world.

Oh, and if someone could tell that stranger in the crowd stressing over our date — we are officially set for March 3, 2018!

Did you have a unique venue for your wedding? Or did you go the more traditional route? What do you think of our choice? Anywhere you think we missed?

2 Responses to “Let’s Get Married: Wedding Venue Hunting in Dallas”

  • Juliette | May 12, 2017 | Reply

    I got married in 2015 in California (barns were VERY POPULAT and thus VERY EXPENSIVE thanks Pinterest) and we chose literally the most affordable venue available. It ended up being a really beautiful outdoor park with a colorful historic house behind the ceremony house and we loved it. Sometimes I wish we had been a little more unique with our choice but 1) we had to stick with our budget 2) we got married 5 hours away from where we lived and 3) I hate planning so I wanted to go with the easiest option!

  • Big Day Coordination | June 16, 2017 | Reply

    I absolutely LOVE all of the unique venues you visited & get so excited when my brides choose a new or atypical venue! I planned my own wedding in an oversized coffee shop (with a huge patio) to go unique ❤️