Let’s Get Married: Choosing a Wedding Hashtag

by D Weddings

Photo courtesy of Sarah Webb.

In this series, we go behind-the-scenes with Dallas blogger Sarah Webb as she plans her big day. 

What strikes fear in the hearts of Instagram-obsessed brides everywhere? Choosing your official wedding hashtag.

The pressure to come up with a good one is sometimes too much to bear. I’ve been stressing over picking the perfect hashtag since the exact second my fiancé started to get down on one knee, and I’m about to crack. We’re talking Gretchen Wieners — we should just totally stab Caesar — level of cracking.

The pressure is just too much.

If you don’t have a chalkboard that says “Oh Snap!” followed by the Instagram icon and your wedding hashtag professionally hand lettered, ARE YOU EVEN LEGALLY MARRIED?!?!

It has to be witty, unique, funny, clever, sophisticated, and charming all rolled into one. If you’ve found a way to add a pun, well then congratulations, you’ve just slayed the wedding hashtag game.

Although I have several contenders, I don’t know if I have ~the totes perf~ one yet. As if it was reading my mind, I was scrolling Facebook and saw a site I follow promoting the “Wedding Hashtag Generator.”

I thought, by god, they’ve solved the riddle. Someone get this website a Pulitzer.

So I click to said website–an eager beaver ready to find my perfect match.

They ask me a few basics: your first name, partner’s first name, your last name, partner’s last name, wedding city, wedding year, wedding day, and type of wedding.

Then some not so basic questions: your nickname and partner’s nickname.

OH EM GEE. Should we have nicknames? Do I need to create nicknames? We are the only couple that haven’t nicknamed each other. I knew Katie and Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules totally had their life together, I just knew it.

Even though they gave me a stellar nickname suggestion (RyGuy), the stress mounted as I was unable to come up with a nickname for Drew. DrewGuy? DrewBear? DrewBoo? DrewdieBoodieBoo? Ugh.

Palms start to sweat. I’ll leave that section blank.

I click generate. I wait as it spins the wheel of creativity, I begin to pace, awaiting the beautiful solution to all of my #problems.

Then it appears.


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So here I sit, typing to y’all, still in search of~the totes perf~ wedding hashtag that no one has previously used and will wow my friends, family and most importantly, the people I’ve never met from the internet.

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