Engaged: Cori Reichenecker & Daniel Horsch

by D Weddings

Photo courtesy of Susan Marinello.

Cori Reichenecker and Daniel Horsch will be married on September 29, 2017 at The Addison Grove in Austin.

Of all things, the dating app Bumble brought them together. After going back-and-forth, Cori eventually agreed to a date at Casa Rubia at Trinity Groves and a sweet treat at the Cake Bar. Cori left the night knowing Daniel was her person. Their second date was at the Sixth Floor museum, and the rest is history.

Their shared passion for travel has led to lots of adventures, including their engagement. Daniel surprised Cori with a birthday getaway to New York complete with tickets to a New York Giants game (she is a huge fan). Early one morning, on a walk in Central Park, Cori had a feeling something was up, but didn’t want to get her hopes up. After a stroll around the park, they ended up on the picturesque Bow Bridge. The morning was not as seamless as Daniel would have hoped–he had to stall, because another couple had beat them to it and were taking their engagement photos right next to them. Eventually, he dropped to one knee. Daniel had arranged for a photographer to follow them around for impromptu photos, which made for an unforgettable romantic morning.

The bride, Cori, graduated from Arizona State University and is a Senior Merchandise Planner at Neiman Marcus. The groom, Daniel, graduated from Texas Tech and works for the City of Grapevine as a Digital Marketing Manager.