Tips & Tricks for Hers & Hers Weddings

by Taylor Hickney

Sign by Kelly Duffy from her Etsy shop, FromKellyWithLove.

Every woman should get their perfect day, and when two of them wed, it’s double the dream. Since the legalization of gay marriage in June 2015, thousands of lesbian couples have been celebrating their differences.

It seems like there are a million ways to customize your wedding. Everything comes down to each couple’s individual tastes, and whether they want to keep a traditional theme or do something totally different. In honor of Pride Month, here are a few ways to make your lesbian wedding a bash no one will ever forget.

Decorations: Have a sign made with calligraphy that says, “Pick a seat, not a side, either way it’s for a bride.” Place it so the guests see it right when they walk in. For an elegant touch on the reception tables, create custom embroidered napkins that say “Mrs. & Mrs. _____”

Wedding Photos: Each bride holds up a sign: the left one reads “I stole her heart,” and the second, “So now, I’m stealing her last name!”

Bridesmaids: If one of the brides is wearing a suit, have her side of the wedding party wear suits too – and if they’re all girls, put them in colored heels! It’s a great way to maintain a traditional concept with a flair of fabulous.

Dresses: For femme brides, long and lacy dresses with flowery veils go perfectly together. Try a form-fitting suit for a bride who doesn’t want to wear a dress. For a traditional look, keep it black. For a lovely twist, have both brides wear white.

Ceremony: Sometimes the entry order for a lesbian wedding gets tricky–you want to share the spotlight. Try arranging the ceremony so both brides enter at the same time, holding hands. If one or both brides are escorted by their fathers, send the bride who proposed down the aisle first. If there’s a flower girl in the wedding party, have her walk down holding a sign that reads, “Here Come the Brides.”

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Take these and run with them – make your dream wedding everything all your own. Celebrate your bond, and invite your guests to do the same.