A “Veggie” Tale Wedding

by Kristina Valdez

Photo courtesy of Molly Tuttle.

Molly Tuttle, the blogger behind Fashion Veggie, will be married to Matt Tranchin on September 2, 2017. Inspired by Molly’s lifestyle and activism, the wedding will be completely vegan and animal-friendly, from the cake down to the bride’s custom-made shoes. In the middle of cattle-ranching country, Fredricksburg, Texas, a veggie tale of a wedding will take place.

“We decided on Fredricksburg because it is a very Texan town–all the restaurants are barbecue and trucks [drive around] with deer in the back,” said Molly. “We decided that it would have been a lot of people’s first time experiencing vegan food, vegan fashion, and adoptable dogs, so let’s make it a big impact where people wouldn’t normally see this kind of thing.”

Molly and Matt started dating over three years ago, around the time Molly decided to transition from being a vegetarian to a vegan. Matt proposed on October 14, 2016.

“The true story is that he was just dragging his feet forever,” said Molly. “We had known each other since high school, throughout college and had been together for more than three years so I told him you need to make a move in the next week or so or we just need to go our separate ways. And, he proposed the next day!”

Molly was willing to compromise on the menu, but it was Matt’s idea for the wedding to be vegan–so long long as the food tasted good. The menu will feature everything from nopalitos enchiladas to macaroni and cheese to a guacamole station.

Throughout the wedding weekend, the wedding guests will be immersed in a vegan and animal-friendly bubble. Molly said anyone who really knows her and her fiancé shouldn’t be surprised by the theme, but some of the older guests might be “a little surprised.”

“There has been a lot of open-mindedness from people and a lot of curiosity,” said Molly.  “That’s been a really cool part of this process.”

Molly was able to find vendors who would, as she calls it, “vegan-ize” their products for her wedding, but finding a pair of vegan bridal shoes was the most difficult task for Molly.

“I started researching vegan custom shoemakers and that is when I found Rebecca Mink who works with [vegan celebrities like] Miley Cyrus and Kat Von D,” said Molly. “I reached out to her and asked if she’d be interested in launching a bridal shoe and she said yes! She is designing the vegan shoes I am wearing.”

Despite all of the unique aspects of Molly and Matt’s wedding, the most personal touch will be the couple’s dogs walking down the aisle with the bride wearing their vegan flower collars made by Molly. There will also be rescue dogs from Ethic Animal Rescue throughout the weekend for the wedding guests to potentially adopt as the couple brings awareness to “adopt, don’t shop.”

With every detail of the wedding intricately thought out, Molly and Matt are an example of how couples should use their weddings to show the intimate connection they have with each other as well as the world around them.