Engaged: Daniela Solorzano & Sean Scanlin

by Taylor Hickney

Daniela met Sean at a friend’s wedding in Mexico, and she instantly knew she’d met her forever. He felt the same, even saying he felt at peace standing next to her, but there was one problem: they’d both recently gotten out of difficult relationships. They said the first of many goodbyes, but months later, Daniela’s phone rang. It was him, and the rest is history.

After four years of a long-distance relationship, Sean insisted that Daniela come to a friend’s art gallery in NYC. Little did she know that the whole thing was a setup – every piece of artwork had something to do with their relationship, from a painting with the amount of days they’d been dating (1,323 – but who’s counting?) to a wall of balloons alluding to their favorite movie, Up. On the second floor, a flat-screen played a video of every clip Daniela and Sean had taken together over the last four years – he’d stayed up all night for the last week to make it. She was overwhelmed as Sean dropped down to one knee and asked, “What do you say, dude? What do you say?” as only he could. Through her tears, she said yes; she had her dream guy. She thought the surprises were over, but then he opened a door – to dozens of their friends and family, flown in from all over the country to celebrate.

While Daniela studied Business at Southern Methodist University, Sean studied Foreign Affairs at the University of Virginia. She now works as a realtor for Keller Williams Urban in Dallas, and he serves as the Director of EyeFull Media in New York. How sweet it is that come January 13, 2018, the two will never have to say goodbye again.