Get Your Man to the Black Tux

by Kristina Valdez

Photo courtesy of the Black Tux.

Earlier this month, The Black Tux opened a showroom on the up-and-coming Henderson strip. A Los Angeles-based company, they weren’t shy to embrace their Dallas location: inside, you will find a gigantic mural of the iconic Big Tex donning a sharp tuxedo. Fiancés, fathers, brothers, and friends now have a way to shop for their black-tie attire without leaving the comfort of their man caves.

The Black Tux is an online suit and tuxedo rental service fighting to beat the sometimes hellish renting process. Customers who send in measurements on The Black Tux’s website will find a try-on suit in the mail weeks before their black-tie event. The founding of the company has roots in real life events: co-founders Patrick Coyne and Andrew Blackmon suffered a tuxedo rental nightmare as groom and groomsmen. Coyne and Blackmon’s less than seamless experiences inspired them to think of a better way for men to shop for special occasions. As senior communications manager Desiree Buchanan notes, “We try to take out all of those hurtles and bumps so that guys can have a very easy process.”

The Black Tux wants to tie their bow ties a little differently than other rental services by focusing entirely on customer service. The newest Dallas showroom is an example of this effort: customers can schedule a fitting and their tuxedo will be shipped to them free of charge.

“Brides and grooms really love this process because we manage all of the wedding party,” Buchanan says. “They don’t have to worry about calling their groomsmen to ask if they have their suit or if they have payed yet. We do all of that.”

Although the process is simple, The Black Tux is adding to their classic core collection with an in-house designer who is pushing fashion forward suits into The Black Tux line. We imagine it won’t be long before we hear every man saying ‘Yes to the Black Tux.’