Solve Your Wedding Woes with Movies

by Kristina Valdez

It doesn’t matter if you are engaged to be married, just past the first year hurdle or if you are “pinteresting” your dream wedding while single—wedding movies have a way of showing every facet of life that goes into “the big day.” If you are having issues with friends, in-laws, family, or if you are simply interested in watching make-believe weddings (almost) fall apart, here is your movie to-watch list, categorized.

Issues with Friends

  1. Bridesmaids: Annie is trying to make her best friend’s wedding spectacular, but with her own life in shambles she can’t help anyone else until she helps herself. Along with the all-star cast of comedic women powerhouses, there are awful wedding disasters you only hope to see in your pre-wedding nightmares that will make you ugly laugh. Lesson: Sometimes, your best friend is your first love.
  1. Something Borrowed: We find ourselves paradoxically rooting for the affair between the maid-of-honor, Rachel, and the groom, but it’s not as terrible as it seems. As much as we hope the girl gets the guy, we hope these childhood friends make it through the wedding. Lesson: Weddings reveal the true colors of those closest to you.
  1. Bride Wars: Your worst enemy is the person who you used to call a friend. A wedding date at the magical Plaza Hotel in New York blows a friendship of years into smithereens. We watch the brides and ex-best friends tear each other’s wedding dreams apart as we glance sideways at our own best friends hoping that this plot line will never carry over into reality. Lesson: Don’t let your bruised ego get in the way of friendship.

Issues with Family

  1. Our Family Wedding: When the patriarchs of either family already despise each other, this interracial couple must walk on eggshells as their wedding plans fall apart to appease each side of the family. We watch these families go at it, while enjoying the mix of two different cultures. Lesson: Your wedding day is not just yours—it’s your families’ too.
  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Toula’s rambunctious–and very Greek–family has never been the pride of her life, but they have been the biggest part. When she gets engaged to a non-Greek, there is sure to be some hell-fire. Weddings are truly a family affair, and you’ll have to jump through all of your family issues in order to make it to the altar. Lesson: Don’t forget your love for your family and your family’s love for you amid the wedding madness.
  1. Jumping the Broom: Don’t have the two families wait until the day before the wedding to meet. You’ll find out why if you watch this movie. The center of the strife between these two families is the issue of jumping the broom or not. (Jumping the broom is a Black family tradition done right before the couple walks down the aisle after saying “I do.”) Lesson: It’s okay to compromise.

Issues with Men

  1. Sex and the City: Watching glam-queen Carrie Bradshaw navigate love in all its endless twists and turns is satisfying to any hopeless romantic. Lesson: All things will work out for you, no matter how bad it feels in the moment.
  1. Think Like a Man 2: The wedding is in Las Vegas, and the bachelor and bachelorette parties the night before the wedding day result in the entire wedding party spending the night in jail. The movie follows each couple as they deal with their own problems so you can find something to relate to within each relationship. Lesson: Trust in your beloved.
  1. The Best Man: The best man of the wedding wrote a best-selling novel about the affair he had with the bride back in college. Conveniently, the book comes out days before the wedding along with fist-fights, strippers, and heart-to-hearts with the men of the wedding. The best man must do everything in his power to patch up a wedding he unraveled. Lesson: Days before your wedding, leave the past be.

Issues with the In-Laws

  1. Monster-in-law: Mothers who don’t want to let go of their baby boys are the most vicious of all creatures. If the only way to survive The Mom is to fight fire with fire, light that match, darling. Lesson: Be careful—she’s still his mother, but stand your ground.
  1. Meet the Parents: Dads can be intimidating, and even more so if they were a former CIA agent. If your fiancé is willing to deal with an overprotective father, he’s a keeper. Lesson: Try to be understanding of the craziness.
  1. You Again: Marni’s brother is marrying her high school tormentor who refuses to acknowledge all the horrible things she did to her in the past. She can’t let it go with the marriage looming in the near future and her next move will determine if there will be a wedding at all. Lesson: The past likes to repeat itself when you don’t face your demons the first time.

Honorable Mentions

  1. The Wedding Planner
  2. The Wedding Date
  3. 27 Dresses
  4. Leap Year
  5. The Hangover
  6. The Proposal