What the Groom Should Wear, According to Hadleigh’s

by D Weddings

Photo courtesy of vendor

It’s the most important suit you’ll ever wear, so make sure it’s flawless. The experts at Hadleigh’s tailor a guide for the perfect fit.





1. Shoulder is most important:

Natural shoulder gives you a proper and flattering fit. Too much padding gives the impression of the jacket wearing you.

2. Armhole:

A higher armhole is more flattering and a cleaner look. This also accentuates the natural curve of the chest.   

3. Notch lapel:

A higher notch to the collarbone provides a more sartorial and tailored look.

4. Button Stance:

The positioning of the center button is critical to creating a well-balanced look. The right button stance can instantly lengthen your silhouette.

5. Shirt Cuff:

I suggest showing at least one inch of the shirt cuff.

6. Jacket length:

The jacket should cover the seat—no lower and no higher.





7. Waistband:

The waistband should fall exactly where the coat buttons meet.

8. Legs:

Legs should be tapered.

9. Pant Break:

The narrower the pant bottom, the shorter the break. You don’t want your pant to overwhelm your shoe.

10. Shoe:

Choose a loafer with an elongated toe box. It’s a modern fit that is a perfect balance between dressy and casual.