Ask the Expert: How to Create a Cohesive Bridal Party Look

by D Weddings | August 22, 2017

Thanks to Daniela Bell from The Makeup Zone for answering this week’s reader question!

“The dresses have been bought. Now, how do I decide on a bridal party look?” 

1. Create a plan ahead of time.

If you hire a makeup artist and hair stylist for the wedding day, meet with them ahead of time. I always meet with my brides for consultations and hair and makeup run-throughs prior. This helps me get to know my brides and understand the vision before the big day. I personally love it when brides bring photos to their consultation. It helps me understand where they are coming from and better make their dream into a reality! Plus, there is no last minute scrambling the day of.

2. Accentuate features, underneath an overarching color palette.

I always like to respect individuality when applying makeup on bridal parties. I like to give bridesmaids options underneath an overarching umbrella that will unite the look – but still accentuate each individual’s best features! Often times, a general color palette will be administered across the board, but it’s not strictly black and white. That way, a common thread unites each look, no matter the skin type, face shape, or complexion. It could be one lip color that everyone is sporting, or a little extra bronzer to give everyone in the bridal party that extra glow.

3. Keep your hair and makeup artist onboard.

More and more, I am being hired to stay on for the full day: because honestly, a lot can happen between 9 a.m. (when the bridal party make-up is usually done) and an evening reception! Often times, photos are planned right after the ceremony, so it makes sense to keep us on call. Your grooming team can give everyone that final primp before photos, just to make that look even more polished and together.

4. Go for the updo.

Eight out of ten times, brides and bridal parties prefer updo’s for everyone. This helps make a polished look among all, and minimizes frizz, flyaway’s and hair falling flat. Plus, hairspray and bobby pins can help unite that look, regardless of hair type or texture. There can be modifications for girls donning a shorter bob, but those are easy-to-fix exceptions.

5. Start with a clean slate.

Make sure you have a proper skin regimen in place leading up to the big day. Getting plenty of sleep and hydration will make you look your best. One of my secret weapons is Embryolisse Làit-crème. It’s a powerful hydrating moisturizer that will fix your and your friends’ skin in no time. If everyone in the bridal party, including the bride, is rested and fresh-faced, the entire look will be more cohesive and smooth. Everyone will appear energized with nourished skin. Inevitably, each member of the bridal party will feel more confident, too!