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Making the Band

Many cultures believe the circle of a wedding band symbolizes a never-ending love. Everband adds their own unique touch to the wedding band tradition in a way that simply warms our hearts. Every couple’s wedding rings are unique to them and designed to grow with each of life’s milestones. Each Everband includes a signature diamond placed on the inside of the band, and couples can add to the story of their band with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies, or even the birthstone of the newest member of their growing families. With each celebration of love, these additions remind us of the symbol behind every wedding ring. Every relationship has its own journey and with every year going forward, Everband celebrates the wedding band and its symbol of a couple’s continuing commitment, partnership and love.

Everband was founded in 2015 in New York City, where it makes each gold or platinum ring by hand.  The co-founders, brothers Dan and Ben, originated the concept by following the tradition of their parents.  Each anniversary, they would celebrate another year together by adding a discreet diamond on the inside of each other’s wedding rings- a tradition they continued for 27 years and counting.  Everband maintains AGTA, RJC council and Made in NY status, and is carried by 50+ retailers nationwide.  This year, Everband won Best Wedding & Anniversary Design by the Knot at the 2017 Centurion Awards show in Arizona.  Create your memories with Everband at Bachendorf’s.