Engaged: Micah Russell & Nicholas Kopchenko

by Kimi Rose

Photo courtesy of Shay & Olive Photography.

The Couple

Micah and Nick met the summer before their freshman year of high school. Micah was an incoming student, while he was there for a summer math class. Micah’s first thought was, “What a weird guy, I hope we don’t have any classes together.” Lucky for her, they had every class together in their small private school and surprisingly became fast friends once they started talking. All throughout high school and after college, they remained close friends. It wasn’t until their sophomore year of college that they decided to take it further and date.

Four years later, they love each other even more. Micah now works for the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Plano, while Nick works for Costco Wholesale as a marketer. Nick makes Micah more adventuresome, and admires the laid-back and passionate qualities in Micah.  They both love to try new experiences, adventures, and restaurants together – and that will only continue in their biggest journey yet, marriage.

The Proposal

At the beginning of the summer, Micah and Nick took a trip to Northern California to spend a few weeks seeing the National Parks and San Francisco. They both love the outdoors, so they rented a cabin in the Sequoia National Park as a home base. Attached to the cabin was a large deck perfect for stargazing. Nick had been planning to propose during the trip and under the stars seemed like the perfect moment. While Micah thought he may have been kidding at first, he pulled out a ring and she knew it was real. After some tears and a kiss, it was an obvious yes!

Up in the mountains, they had no cell service or Wi-Fi, so the now engaged couple was able to enjoy those few days alone, sharing their secret.

The Wedding

The engaged couple will be married in Tulum, Mexico, in June 2018.