What’s Trending in Dallas Weddings

by Kimber Westphall

Photo courtesy of Carter Rose of f8 Studios.

When it comes to weddings, Dallas is known for pulling out all of the stops. We’ve rounded up a list of the top five trends at moment that are adding that extra pizzaz. From the menu to the send-off, here are five to-dos that are topping every Dallas bride and groom’s list.

Do It for the ‘Gram

It’s a given you want your wedding to be memorable (and, of course, Instagrammable). Many couples incorporate a surprise element that makes for a perfect photo opp. Kristin Butler, owner of Fabulous Fête Weddings, says one of her favorite go-to surprises is a big confetti boom. Whether it’s in the middle of the dance floor or during the bride and groom’s departure, it creates an extra celebratory moment and memorable experience. Make sure to provide clear direction to guests when sharing photos on social media. Pro tip: if there is a wedding hashtag, be sure it’s clearly marked on the dinner menu, program, or signage by the photo booth.

Add Personalized Touches

Sometimes, it’s the little flourishes that end up being the most meaningful. Butler says it’s easy to accomplish this with something small: simply include the date, newlywed’s names and, of course, your hashtag. One of Butler’s favorite ways to implement a personal touch is stamping the dinner napkins with your new monogram. Jade Batangan, owner of Events by Jade, says this is also easy to pull off with something as simple as socks (one of her grooms had an affinity for Star Wars, so he and his fellas donned Star Wars-themed socks on the big day). Batagan says it’s also fun to allow the newlyweds’ personalities shine through with activities they may enjoy either separately or together. One wedding, she created a cigar bar area just for that extra touch because the groom had a special aficionado for smoking cigars. And as Bumble and other dating apps have become so prevalent in Dallas, some couples even capture that element on their special day. From bumblebee cupcakes to the Tinder flame-adorned cookies, they are giving a nod to where it all began.

Get Your Signature Drink On

It’s now common for the bride and groom to each have their own swig, which, similar to grooms’ cakes, can be a nod to their alma mater. Other times, there is a jointly decided upon cocktail that commemorates a special memory in their relationship. Batangan says that one of the best usages for signage is at a signature drink station, or at the bar. Prop up a special sign by the bar that designates the ingredients, cheeky drink name, and the significance. Bubble bars are also trending in Dallas, where the wedding-goers have the chance to mix up their own concoction. Simply give your guests the ingredients and let them be honorary mixologists. For an over-the-top touch, some wedding planners are adding surprise and delights with liquid nitrogen drinks.

Incorporate a Midnight Snack

Food trucks are all the rage these days; oftentimes they are brought in to provide guests with a final treat before they hit the valet line. Popular food trucks range from Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe’s grilled cheese sandwiches to Bellatrino’s pizza pies. Another trend involves surprise goodies being scurried out from the kitchen, to keep the dance floor buzzing. Cotton candy, root beer floats, tiny cheeseburgers, you name it. And Meaghan Cody, wedding planner at Sweet Pea Events loves incorporating local restaurants into the mix. She says a trusty standby is Whataburger Taquitos and Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits as a late night snack. She also encourages brides and grooms to let the Dallas flare trickle over into any welcome bags for out-of-town guests. Stuffing those full with Dr. Pepper, chips and salsa, pralines, and Texas-shaped cookies are always appreciated by the visitors.

Set Some Time Aside for Yourselves

Most newlyweds spend their wedding speaking with everyone in attendance. That’s why Batangan says a sweetheart table is a must. A private, two-seater table, affixed at the front of the room will allow the bride and groom to enjoy a quick bite to eat and soak up the moment together. And to complete the magical and long awaited evening, many newlyweds enjoy a final private dance, while guests venture outside, preparing for the send-off.  It’s the perfect way to soak up the last moments of your big day.