Engaged: Katie Bailey & Kyle Park

by Lauren Kazemba

Photo courtesy of Sheridan Ellis.

The Couple

Kyle was finishing up his last year at SMU Dedman School of Law when Katie enrolled as a first-year law student. Despite being on the same law review, the two did not meet until Katie graduated law school three years later. Besides law school, it seems like fate had been working to pair the two together for years: Katie’s best friend’s brother was Kyle’s former roommate, and Kyle’s sister and Katie’s cousin met while studying abroad in college. In August of 2013–the day before Katie left for her bar exam celebratory trip to Thailand–Kyle finally took Katie on their first date. Four weeks later, after Katie’s Thai rendezvous, the two got together for another date. It was then that Kyle realized “Katie was his dream girl.”

Katie, a graduate of The University of Oklahoma, works as a corporate attorney at Akin Gumo Struass Hauer & Feld. Kyle, a graduate of The University of Colorado, is a corporate attorney at Jones Day.

The Engagement

A year and a few months into dating, Kyle decided that September 22, 2017 would be the day he would ask Katie to marry him. After having previously cajoled Katie into helping him design an invitation for a work party, the two traveled to Arlington Hall with Katie unaware that the party was a hoax. As they arrived, Kyle led Katie down a candlelit path to a gazebo covered in rose petals. After receiving an elated “yes!” Katie was lured to her next surprise of the night. The newly-engaged couple went to grab a congratulatory drink at the Mitchell downtown (the spot where the two shared their second date). Kyle had been rented out the entire bar to host over sixty of their closest friends and family to share in their special night.

The Wedding

Kyle and Katie will be wed on December 8, 2018 at Highland Park Presbyterian Church.