Emerald City Band Celebrates 35 Years

by Lauren Kazemba

Photo courtesy of Joshua Aull Photography.

Did you hear that? Dallas’ own Emerald City Band has rocked the DFW music scene for 35 incredible years. Detroit native, Deno Taglioli, founded the band in 1982 with the Motown sound in mind. Tagioli admits his goal for the band has always been “to make people happy and give them a high energy, interactive show every single night, no exceptions.” In honor of Emerald City Band’s 35th anniversary, Deno Taglioli shared with us his favorite memories over the years along with his thoughts on the band’s future.

How is Emerald City Band celebrating their 35 years together?

We are planning on having a celebration, opened to the public and everyone who has made this 35-year-journey a reality. We are also planning a reunion concert with some of the hundreds of great musicians that we have had the honor of sharing the stage with. Many have gone on to work in film, television, and radio, while others have found great careers with artists such as Prince, Toby Keith, Peter Frampton, The Doobie Brothers, and many others.

What are some of Emerald City Band’s favorite memories together?

There have been so many over the last 35 years, starting with all the families we have entertained here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that we now call our friends. Running into these folks and sharing memories and photos is priceless. The opportunities we have had to travel and play events around the world has been amazing, and performing at the White House twice was an incredible honor.

How has Emerald City Band evolved over the last 35 years?

I think over the years we have continued to grow stylistically and musically while still staying true to our original concept of giving 110% every night. We are able to connect and interact with the fans who then become friends, as well as take the stage with the finest musicians in this part of the country.

What is Emerald City Band hoping to accomplish in the next 35 years?

We now have three other bands under the Emerald City Band umbrella that I have created – Limelight, Party Machine, and Downtown Fever, with the finest people working for us. We understand how hard we need to work for the people who hire us and we make no assumptions. As long as we continue to make memories and take advantage of our notoriety to help those less fortunate while mentoring the young, I believe we can continue for years to come.

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