Engaged: Shelby Turner & Logan Downing

by Lauren Kazemba

Photo courtesy of Joy Neville.

The Couple

There are two sides to the story of how Logan and Shelby met. Shelby’s side involves the two meeting on the dating app, Hinge. After connecting, Shelby prayed that the “cute Texas Tech guy” would send her a message. Shelby’s prayers were answered and the two arranged to meet a week later. Weary to giving out personal information, Shelby said she lived in the State Thomas area. Logan proceeded explain that he lived at the Post Meridian Apartments. As chance would have it, Shelby lived in the exact same complex. Here is where Logan’s side of the story begins: Logan tells people he and Shelby simply “met at the mailboxes.” Shelby and Logan got drinks at the Standard Pour in Uptown and instantly felt a connection. Since their first date, the two have been inseparable. 

Born and raised in North Texas, Shelby attended TCU. As a member of Zeta Tau Delta and the Student Foundation, Shelby loved her life at TCU and stuck around to receive her Masters in Education. Shelby works as a high school English teacher in Plano. Logan hails from Lubbock, Texas and attended Texas Tech University. Logan was a member of Delta Tau Delta and majored in communications. Logan currently works in tech sales in Plano. 

The Engagement

During their nearly two years of dating, Logan and Shelby had many conversations about marriage. Shelby, growing impatient day by day, would vent to her mother and her friends about how eager she was to marry Logan. The night before the surprise proposal, Shelby attended a Little Big Town concert with her mom and friends for her mom’s birthday. Ironically, Shelby sent a video of her singing the song “Little White Church” loudly to Logan and his friends. The next day, Shelby met Logan and drove to Saint Ann’s restaurant to attend a “private event” for Logan’s company. Exhausted from her night out, Shelby felt nervous to meet Logan’s company’s executives. “I think God sort of made me ‘an idiot’ in these moments because I was so distracted with trying to look ‘put together’ for these executives,” Shelby admitted. Once they arrived, Logan led Shelby through the grass to the so-called “event,” but eventually turned around, dropped to one knee, and held out Shelby’s dream ring. Following a much-anticipated yes, Logan and Shelby’s families jumped out from hiding to surprise the two! Shelby’s friends from all over the country traveled in to share their special day. The families and friends proceeded to one of Logan and Shelby’s “special places,” the Woolworth, for an engagement party Logan had arranged. 

The Wedding

Logan and Shelby will have their “little white church” wedding Saturday, June 23, 2018, at The Grand Ivory in Leonard, Texas.