Engaged: Jenna Fields & Aaron Griffin

by D Weddings

Photo courtesy of Dyan Kethley.

The Couple 

Jenna Fields and Aaron Griffin believe everything happens for a reason (Jenna is a wedding planner by trade, so this comes as no surprise.) Back in 2012, Aaron–a lover of chips and queso–found himself frequenting the local taco spot where Jenna was working at the time. Months passed until they finally had a conversation that went beyond Aaron’s food order. Although they can’t remember exactly what they talked about, they somehow discovered that they had a mutual interest in exploring the historic Baker Hotel. So on their first date, they did just that. Following the Baker Hotel escapade, they were inseparable. However, their future together was uncertain. Jenna was due back to the University of North Texas to finish her undergraduate degree, and Aaron was applying for jobs that could’ve taken him anywhere in the country. Lucky for them, he found work in Frisco, just a 45-minute drive from Jenna’s school. Five years later, they’ve been through it all: adopted a dog, made friends, changed jobs, learned a few hard lessons. But mostly, they’ve found love and lifelong friendship in one another.

The Proposal 

How do you propose to a wedding planner? If you’re Aaron, you do lots and lots of research: he recruited friends to go ring shopping, stalked Pinterest, and asked Jenna strange questions to procure her ring size. On December 17, 2016–right before the holidays, and one week after their formal four year anniversary–they revisited the Baker Hotel. While at the hotel, Aaron told Jenna to get ready to make a Christmas video for Aaron’s parents who live out of state. For this so-called “Christmas video” Aaron set-up all of his camera gear (he graduated with a degree in digital film production, so he knew what he was doing).  He then handed Jenna his phone, a video started to play and–like any good proposal story–there was a bit of a mishap: the video just stopped right in the middle. Aaron got down on one knee and said, “Well, I didn’t really prepare anything, because the video had it all. But I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” After a little laugh, Jenna said “yes!” and they headed to the next surprise: a party with all of their friends and family back at the taco spot where it all began. A Tex-Mex habit turned love story, is there anything more Texan than that?

The Wedding

The couple will be wed at the Adolphus Hotel on Friday, January 12, 2018.