Engaged: Julia Vivan & Beau Burkhalter

by Raeleigh Hall

Photo by Absolute Photography.

The Couple

Julia Vivian and Beau Burkhalter are both UNT alumni and were both very active in Greek Life; Julia was in Alpha Phi and Beau was in Theta Chi. Beau studied Sports Management and Kinesiology and now works as an Account Executive for an Outdoor Advertising Agency. Julia studied Risk Management, Finance and Insurance and works as a Risk Management consultant for property and casualty insurance.

The couple first met at a mixer and just like a fairy-tale, it was love at first-sight. Julia was introduced to Beau by her sorority sister, and she was immediately captivated by his smile and charm. She was so nervous that she never even got his number…until they met again. Two days later at the tailgate of the first football game of the season, Julia was looking around for those eyes, when she heard “Hey there, beautiful” and was swooned all over again. After some small talk, Beau asked Julia for her number, and she played hard to get and declined saying he’d have to “work harder than that.” After being at the game for a bit, she left the stadium to see Beau still standing on the tailgate hill. She walked over to him, where he had been waiting for her the entire time, and obliged to giving him her number. The rest was history.

The Proposal

To no surprise to any of her friends or family, Beau proposed on April 15th, 2017. Julia’s good friend Stetson had asked if she would be interested in taking some pictures for an advertising magazine he was asked to do. It was a couples shoot and the other couple he had lined up had to leave town that weekend, so he really needed help. This wasn’t suspicious to Julia at all, as this was something that he did all the time. In fact, when she asked Beau to do it with her, she had to convince him when really it had been his idea all along.

The shoot took place at the Dallas Arboretum, and they walked around taking very romantic pictures with all of the flowers. After about an hour into the shoot, they walked around the corner to a Romeo and Juliet-type garden. Stetson tells her that he needs to get one last shot and it will be where she’s turned around by an ivy wall to make the album cover for the magazine. She walked over to the wall to pose, and smiled as Stetson started taking pictures. All this time, Beau was getting down on one knee. Stetson tells her “Okay Julia, we got the shot, you can turn around.”  She turned around to see Beau down on one knee and was in complete shock! The first thing she said was “Is this really happening” and “Are you serious?” He looked up at her with teary eyes and said, “For the last four and a half years, I have fallen so deeply in love with you.”  She interrupted him and said “YES YES YES” and then he said “Hold on Babe! Let me finish! We’ve had so many great memories together and I hope we have many more, Julia Nicole Vivian, will you marry me?” and of course, she said yes!

Photo by Nectar List Media.

Photo by Nectar List Media.

The Wedding

The couple’s big day will be on June 16th, 2018 at The Lodge in Aubrey, Texas.