The First Step In Finding Your First Home Together

by Kristin Hull | January 25, 2012


Thanks to Bruce Bernbaum, Partner at Bernbaum/Magadini Architects for answering today’s reader question:

My fiancé and I are getting ready to start looking for our first house but we don’t know where to begin. Help!

Do some homework by considering what neighborhood you would like to live in. Points to consider would be proximity to work, local shopping options, size of homes/lots (think ease of maintenance). Since you are probably concentrating on your wedding and not so much on the future keep in mind that this is the home where you will most likely raise your first baby (babies). Local parks and elementary schools should definitely be considered. Once you have some ideas about your general requirements contact a realtor. Friends, family and business associates are great sources to help find a qualified real estate agent.

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